Why Won’t My Cat Eat Dry Food Anymore?

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The question of “why won’t my cat eat dry food anymore” has no single answer. There are many reasons why a cat may stop eating, and it is important to rule out any health issues that could be to blame before moving on. When cats are ill, they may not want to eat.

Usually they will consume enough calories and nutrients to maintain a healthy body weight by drinking more water, eating soft food, or even eating a previously disliked food in order to keep their strength up. Seriously ill pets can sometimes be tempted to eat by offering the food with medication mixed into it or adding tuna juice or other tasty treats on top of it.

It is never good to see your cat refuse its kibble, even if it’s just for a day or two. One of the big dangers of this is that your cat may not be getting enough nutrition from its regular diet; without dry food, a cat can quickly become malnourished. It’s also possible that your kitty has an underlying health problem and is making the dry food refusal as a result of it.

If you want to find out why your feline has crossed over to wet food, read on! The article talks about how to tell that there may be something wrong with them and how they can get back on track with their old routine.

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Why won’t my cat eat dry food anymore?

Cats are carnivores and are designed to eat a diet high in protein, moderate in fat, and low in carbohydrates. Wet food contains a better balance of the nutrients typically found in the average carnivore’s diet than dry food does. Additionally, wet food contains water that aids in hydration.

Most cats will eagerly gobble down their dry food as soon as you put it out for them, but changing their diet can be stressful for some cats. If things have changed significantly at home – such as new pets or people moving in – your cat may be stressed or upset enough to refuse his dry kibble.

Some cats prefer a routine to their meal times and having that routine broken can be enough to make them stop eating the dry food, especially if they’re picky eaters. If your cat has been eating well and then suddenly refuses their kibble, try leaving some wet food out for them. If they eat it right up, you can assume that the dry food refusal is simply due to a change in routine or stress. Once things have settled down or your cat has adjusted to the newly changed routine, try putting some dry food back out again.

If instead of gobbling down the wet food, your cat turns up his nose at it and refuses to eat it at all, that could be a sign of something more serious. Call your veterinarian for an appointment if your cat has not eaten in 12 hours or if this behavior happens frequently.

If your cat becomes ill, he can sometimes stop eating his regular food altogether. If his refusal to eat continues, start offering him food and treats like meat baby food, small pieces of cooked chicken, or a small amount of tuna juice. Mixing the medication into these tasty snacks may encourage him to eat while also providing him with needed medication.

Serious health problems such as cancer can cause dry food refusal, but so can an upset stomach or a sensitive digestive system. Your vet will be able to tell you if you need to make any changes to your cat’s diet or if you should change his medications.

Now, let’s look at some the reasons that contribute to why your cat won’t at dry food anymore.

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6 reasons why your cat won’t eat dry food anymore?

Some of the reasons why your cat won’t eat dry food anymore will be explained here . These reasons include:

  1. Allergies:
    One of the reasons why your cat won’t eat dry food anymore could be because ithas some allergies. It won’t be your cat’s food but they would rather not eat it. Be sure to check with its vet if this is the case.

Veterinarians have seen a rise in the number of cats that have food allergies. You can tell if your cat is allergic to their food if they stop eating because their system can’t tolerate certain ingredients. Cats with food allergies will also suffer from vomiting, as well as diarrhea and skin conditions.

To treat your cat for allergies, you should first start by feeding a hypoallergenic dry diet , which will help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. Next, make an appointment with your veterinarian to get an allergy test done on your cat . Some veterinarians will give your cat an injection that is injected into their back to find out the allergen(s) causing the reaction in their body.

  1. Genetic:
    Sometimes a health problem may cause your cat’s owner to seek for another food for their pet. This can make your cat become some kind of feeder of wet food instead of dry food. Some of these health problems that your cat might experience are kidney disease, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal ulcers, gingivitis and dental caries.
  2. Change in taste:
    Cats have very sensitive taste buds and because of that, they can have a hard time adjusting their foods if there’s something different about it. Your cat may not even like the smell of its food anymore. If your cat won’t eat its dry food, it’s best that you change it with a different brand. If it doesn’t work, then change it again with an even different brand. This can help ease your cat in eating its dry food again.
  3. Change in location:
    Like human beings, cats also have preferences for their foods and eating places that they usually choose if given the choice. It is not uncommon for a cat to take away its food from one place to another place because there are some changes on their feeding area.

If at first they enjoyed their dry food with the smell they like and suddenly, there are some new smells coming from other pets that are also eating their foods, the cats may even decide not to eat anymore. If you find out that your cat is experiencing this situation, don’t force it to eat. Instead, try changing its food or place where it eats its food.

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  1. Not enough calories:
    It could be the case that your kitty doesn’t get enough calories from their regular diet. This could be the reason why your cat refuses to eat its dry food. If this is the case, then you must consult with a professional immediately. This can be a serious problem that needs to be treated immediately.
  2. Stress:
    Some of the reasons why your cat won’t eat its dry food anymore could be because it has some stress or some other factors that may have caused it. When your cat is stressed, they might start to feel disturbed and sometimes lose interest in eating their food. If this happens, then you should take your cat to a vet and get its stomach checked out.

If you have any of the above reasons why your cat won’t eat dry food anymore, you should take action immediately by reading and understanding these tips so that you can help resolve your kitty’s problem as soon as possible at home.

How to get your cat to eat dry food again?

If your cat is not eating its dry food anymore, you should first consult with a professional. Then try getting a new bottle of the same formula that you used for your pet. If it doesn’t work, you can try mixing some wet food with it so that they can be able to eat their usual dry food again. To be sure, call your vet and find out if there is any other need for added supplements or medication.

There are some simple ways to help get your cat eating again. Here they are:

  1. Start a new brand:
    If your cat has been on an old formula, change it with a new one. Maybe it’s just the old food that is making your pet feel sick. When changing foods, it’s best to change them slowly. Start with 25% new formula and 75% old formula for one week. Then mix 50/50 the next week, and then 100% new the following week. Don’t rush this transition because your cat may not like it.
  2. Add some wet food:
    If it’s not your cat’s usual formula, you can add some of the wet food to its dry food so that they can be able to eat both of them. Mixing the food up is a simple way to get your cat eating their usual dry food again until you find out what the problem is. Try mixing some wet food into your cat’s dry food to increase its moisture content.

Without enough water intake, cats can become dehydrated, which can cause their systems to shut down as a result of stress.

  1. Add more vitamins:
    You can try adding some vitamins to your cat’s meals if it doesn’t eat them or likes its meals without them at all. If your cat’s food contains vitamin supplements, you can add them to your cat’s wet food or dry food.

You can also try getting a veterinary prescription for a multivitamin for cats because the medical professionals have proven that this is the best way to help regulate your cat’s diet and nutrition. Normally, cats have extra teeth and a thinner jawbone, which makes it impossible for them to eat solid foods. Their molars are designed to grind down gnawable foods.

  1. Treat it:
    You can try giving your cat some treats so that they will be able to eat something tasty and savory. When it eats on its own, you can know that it is already getting used to its usual food again until you find out what the problem is. If you only give them treats when they are sick, then you should stop this because this could make things worse for your pet’s health.
  2. Try a different brand:
    Most of the times, changing a brand of dry food is the best option to get your cat eating on its old formula again. Find out which brands of dry food work well with your cat so that you can try them as they are.


Cats naturally love eating their food and treats, but when they refuse to eat their dry food, you should take action quickly. If your cat stops eating its usual dry food, try the tips and tricks above so that you can get your cat back to its old self again.

There are many reasons why tour cats won’t eat dry food anymore. but most of them will do so when they have a poor appetite or are ill. Before changing the diet of your feline friend, consult with a vet for an accurate diagnosis as this is vital for determining the appropriate course of treatment.

To conclude this article, cats are naturally a very curious species that like to explore the world. They do this by sniffing, playing and tasting everything they can. This sometimes leads to cats being quite curious about food contents and ingredients. Cats are not picky eaters when it comes to dry foods but they can be picky when it comes to wet foods as well.

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