Why Does My Cat Stretch On Me? Read This….

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cat sitting on its owners laps

If you have a cat, you know that they often like to stretch on you. They will often stretch on your hands and feet before settling in for a nap and relaxing. This can be annoying, but there is nothing to worry about because cats will only do this if they are comfortable with the person(s) they are around. We will be looking into reasons to why your cat do stretch on you.

Cats love things to be routine. If your cat is used to stretching on you when they wake up, then they will do it throughout their life. This helps them wake up and feel alert and ready to go. Cats have a great sense of smell so they can use it to get the scent of you. This is key because cats are very territorial and already know who’s in the home and what smells belong with what person(s).

Why does my cat stretch on me? Every cat owner has probably had the experience of a cat stretching all over them, but why do cats do this? What are the possible explanations behind this behavior? We’ll explore a few of these possibilities below.

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Why does my cat stretch on me?

Why do cats stretch on you? Cats are very territorial creatures, and if they sense another cat nearby in the home, your cat might stretch on you to mark its territory. Because most cats don’t like being picked up by humans as much as other pets do, cats will often stretch when they see humans that are around their territory.

The reason for this is because many times humans will pick up their cats and comfort them. Cats want to be in control at all times, so they will stretch on everything around them and even on people.

A cat’s sense of smell is very strong, and if you have a dog, then the dog will have its own scent in your home. This can be a huge turn off for your cat because then it won’t know where it stands with the other creature in the home. Your cat might start thinking that you are getting close to another creature and then will decide to stretch all over you just to let you know that it is there and it has control of the area.

Why does my cat stretch on me? Well, aside from marking its territory like we mentioned above, cats are also very affectionate animals. The average cat will want to cuddle up with their owners after a long day of playing and sleeping, so cats will stretch all over you if they want to feel safe and comfortable with you.

cat lying on the ground

A common reason why your cat might stretch on you is because they are asserting themselves. They are showing that they are in charge of the situation.

Having a cat around the house is like having a child in many ways, and cats will also use every opportunity they can to get affection from their owners. When they want something, they want it now and often times this means stretching on you or any other person or creature around their territory until the owner comes back to them.

They might also be stretching because they want to be scratched, rubbed, or pet and your cat is just giving you the opportunity to do that. While cats are often very independent animals, they will want affection from their owners in order to feel safe. The fact that your cat is often asking for affection can be a bit annoying for some people, but this is a major reason why cats will stretch on people.

Because cats are extremely territorial creatures and want to control everything around them including themselves. Even if you own an indoor cat, that creature still wants control of its territory and everything in it.

Owners of indoor cats will often notice this behavior as well because of the fact that their cat might be reaching a certain age where it is showing signs of being territorial.

Cats will stretch on their owners to show them who’s in charge and what areas are theirs. If you have an outdoor cat, then they will stretch on you to let you know that they are there and protecting their territory. Cats want to be the ones in control at all times, so they will use these opportunities to get close to you and show that they are protecting what is theirs.

These are just a few possible explanations behind why your cat stretches on you, but every cat is different and so each one has its own personality traits as well. If you have owned a cat before and noticed this behavior, then you will know what we are talking about here.

If your cat is stretching next to you and is showing signs of being uncomfortable, then it might be a good idea to go over some of the reasons that this is happening.

If your cat isn’t feeling well, it might be a great idea to help him or her out by doing some research about different types of medications and remedies for various conditions that might be affecting your cat.

If your cat is always stretching and has been doing this for a while now, then you should visit a doctor to check out what might be going on.

While it can be annoying to have a cat stretched out next to you all the time, remember that this is the creature’s way of showing affection. Cats are very independent creatures and they don’t like to show too much affection if they feel as though they are being pressured into anything. This is why sometimes cats will feel uncomfortable when they want to express themselves, so they will stretch all over you.

Cats instinctually don’t like being picked up, and they definitely don’t like being held in your arms. That’s not to say that most cats dislike being held by humans or anything; it’s just that a cat’s instinct tells it that this action is a bit too much.

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Cats are often times picky about who they like and who they don’t like, so if your cat stretches on you then it might be because he or she doesn’t want to be around you at the moment. If you notice that your cat stretches on everyone else and not you, then it could be because he or she doesn’t like you.

Again, this is a very rare occurrence. But if your cat has a certain preference of who it likes and doesn’t like, then it could be a reason why your cat won’t offer affection to you at times. Some cats will not like the way they are being treated by their owners, so they will simply go to other people either in the home or outside of it when they want to stretch.

A cat’s personality is highly dependent on how its owners treat them, so if you notice that your cat is stretching on other people but not yourself then there might be something going on. Cats will also stretch on their owners after they have eaten something that didn’t agree with them.

After eating a certain type of treat or food, your cat might want to stretch all over you because that item is going to make them feel full. It’s not uncommon for cats to stretch after they have eaten something. If you notice that your cat starts stretching on everyone and not just on you, this could be a sign that he or she doesn’t like the way you are treating it.

If this happens from time to time, there might be a problem with your cat’s feelings with itself and/or its owner.

If your cat has been acting a bit strange, then it might be because he or she is feeling sick and not like himself or herself.

So if you notice that your cat stretches all over the furniture and isn’t acting right, then it might be time to see a veterinarian. While some cats will stretch on their owners without any given reason, there are times when this behavior has to do with the cat’s health and well-being.


If your cat is stretching all over you and you have never noticed this behavior before, then it could be because your cat is giving you a sign of affection. While cats will sometimes stretch on people to show their dominance, they will also do that when they want to let their owners know that they are comfortable with them.

It’s not easy being the only pet in a home if there are other people around, and cats can feel too much of a pressure if they don’t feel accepted. Your pet may be stretching because he or she doesn’t want to be near you at this moment. If you notice that your cat wants to be around you but never stretches on you, then it could be because the cat doesn’t feel like he or she is accepted.

Another reason for why your cat does stretch on you is that, if your cat is stretching on you and showing signs of discomfort or even aggression, then it might be best to see a veterinarian in order to help improve this behavior.

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