Why Does My Cat Reach His paw Out To Me?

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cat reaching its paw to touch its owners hands

Why does my cat reach his paw out to me? Cats are very expressive animals, and want to be acknowledged. They usually meow when they want something, and they get assertive when they’re hungry or thirsty. But sometimes your cat might reach out his paw – here’s what that means.

Reaching the paw out with the claws retracted is generally a sign of trust. Cats have been known to stretch their paws out to their human companions as a gesture of comfort, asking for their owner’s touch or attention.

Cats who are anxious about something may also stretch their paws forward in order to reassure themselves that everything is okay by touching it with the paw before retracting. If your cat stretches his paw out to you, reach out and gently stroke his paw.

Your cat may reach out a paw in the direction he wants you to follow. If your cat reaches his paw toward the door, it’s likely because he wants to go outside, or if he reaches his paw toward the window, it’s likely that he wants to go outside or climb onto something.

Your cat may also reach out his paw at you when he is going somewhere else – although not necessarily to direct you where to follow him, but more as a way of saying goodbye before he leaves.

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Why does my cat reach his paw out to me?

The reason why your cat will reach his paw out to you might be because he is unsure of his surroundings, and asking you to reassure him that everything is okay.

Is your cat wanting to play? Cats are naturally predatory creatures, so when they see something move in their periphery, they are naturally going to reach out and try to grab it. If your cat suddenly reaches his paw out of the blue and tries to grab at you or something inside your house, he may just be playing with you.

Why does my cat reach his paw out on me? When a cat is reaching its paw out on you, there could be a few reasons why he’s doing it. It’s important to understand what these signs are so you know how best to respond.

Always remember that your pets are more than just animals – they’re very much like children and often demonstrate sentience and feelings of sadness. Keep an open mind to all gestures, especially if they are towards you.

Whatever the reason, your cat will welcome the touch of your hand by stroking his paw against yours in a very friendly manner. If he pulls his paw back, however, it’s likely that he doesn’t want any contact and is unsure where to direct his paws when reaching out for you.

Other signs that he’s telling you something is wrong include him continually pulling his paw in and out or sleeping with one or both paws up on your shoulder, forelegs tucked under him. If your cat is always reaching out to you, it could be because he’s looking for affection from you.

If your cat always reaches out to and touches things or people in your home, this might be because he is looking for something or someone else to divert his attention. He might also have developed a habit of touching these things and people when he’s feeling anxious about something so that he becomes habituated and continued contact helps him feel better.

Why does my cat reach his paw out to me? Some cats simply want to explore their surroundings. They use their paws as tactile instruments, and once they touch something with their paws, they want you to touch it too. Also, if he sees you touching your face or body with his paws, he will sometimes just want to join in on the fun.

cat lying on couch while stretching its paws

Many cats, especially kittens, associate having their paws petted with being loved or making them feel good. So many times, this is because they feel anxious or unsure of things suddenly happening in their environment.

It’s important to remember that cats are very independent and will often choose to communicate with you by reaching out with his paw instead of vocalizing his needs. If he reaches out to you and pulls back, he may be trying to say that he doesn’t want anything from you. It’s also possible that he wants you to touch something in a particular place and if you keep reaching forward, he may pull back.

9 reasons why your cat reaches his paw to you

There are a lot of different types of cat behavior, and sometimes it can be difficult to understand why they’re doing what they do. Some cat behavior, like repeatedly pawing at your face or other body parts (known as “bunny kicking”), can be pretty hard to ignore. Is this just embarrassing or annoying? Not necessarily.

Is your cat reaching out his paw to you because he wants to play, show affection, or something else entirely? Understanding what the difference between all these different types of cat behavior is might be important for knowing how best to respond and connect with your kitty. Some of the reasons why cats does this may include:

  1. Your cat wants your attention:
    Cats want your attention, and will often ask for it by reaching out to you. If some of the other tips that follow here don’t help him get the attention he wants, then maybe a little playtime with your hand might be just the thing to get his attention.
  2. Your cat is scared of something:
    If your cat is doing this, he may be extremely nervous or unsure about an upcoming experience, or trying to communicate his feelings as best as he can to you. If this is what’s causing him to do this, it’s likely that he wants you to know so that you can comfort him and let him know there’s nothing to worry about.
  3. Your cat wants something:
    Similar to when they use their paws to beg for food, your cat is using this gesture to get the attention he needs from you. If your cat wants to go outside, or climb on something, this may be how he asks you to follow him, so that you can assist him. If your cat wants his water bowl filled, this is another way he might ask for help.
  4. Your cat is showing you affection:
    If your cat is reaching out his paw in an affectionate manner, it’s likely because he wants you to reach back and pet him or hold him. If this happens during playtime, it’s because he’s likely enjoying something that was just done with him and wants a little more of it.

This is a very straightforward and innocent gesture. It’s just a simple sign that your cat really really loves you and just wants to say hello. If your kitty reaches out with her paws as if she’s welcoming you into her space or bed, she’s probably trying to express her excitement about seeing you again.

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  1. Your cat is uncomfortable or sick:
    If your cat is seeking attention and seems to really be in pain, make sure you let him know that you are there for him. Go on the offensive and see if you can make your cat comfortable with anything or anyone else in the house. As long as your kitty doesn’t seem like she’s in pain, have her sleep near you or on top of your pillow while she’s sleeping.

One of the most common reasons cats do certain things with their paws is because they feel so incredibly vulnerable when they’re not able to move around like a normal healthy cat. They feel scared and alone, which causes them to reach out to other things that feel familiar, comforting, or safe.

If your cat is reaching out to you with a paw, and then pulling it back, it could be because he’s feeling anxious or not knowing what to do. This could mean that he’s feeling sick, stressed, or has some other type of pain. He might also be signaling that he wants something from you but doesn’t know how to ask for it.

If this happens regularly and goes on for more than a few days, make sure you get him some medical attention immediately if he isn’t already seeing a veterinarian.

  1. Your cat is in heat:
    This is another instance where this behavior occurs because of a change in the cat’s body. If your cat is in heat and your hands are near her, she’ll likely want to rub up against you or touch you with her paws. Just never reach down and grab the cat.
  2. Your cat is sleeping:
    If your cat is trying to get to you by reaching out his paws from his bed, this means that he just wants a little more attention. He’s likely lonely and in need of some more of your love.
  3. Your cat is saying goodbye:
    This gesture is often used by cats when they don’t want to hang around any longer and are planning on leaving. This gesture is because cats like to mark their territory, and they do this by scratching it into surfaces. Your cat will often lick and rub his paws, face and mouth on the object that’s being marked as the cat’s own.

This gesture is more prevalent than you might think. Every time your cat goes into a room where he doesn’t want to be, or after leaving a space for too long of a period of time, she might be marking her territory by using this gesture on an object or even you.

  1. Your cat wants to play:
    This could be what your kitty wants if she’s pawing at something, but doesn’t know whether or not she should say hello with just a simple hello touch first. If she’s not sure, this is a way to show you that she’d like to play with you and show her excitement about doing so.

If your cat is playing, they might be reaching out with her paws in order to pick up the object of their game. Cats are also excellent climbers, so if your cat is jumping on a chair or couch she might be trying to give you a thumbs up or head tilt in order to show you that she’s interested in what you’re doing.

If she’s playing with an interactive toy that requires exercise, then there’s no reason why she shouldn’t interact at the same level as you.

To help prevent serious injuries to your cat, use these tips:

  1. Keep your cat’s claws trimmed, filed or removed:
    If your cat doesn’t have nails that are appropriately trimmed and filed or clipped, they can really do some damage to any surfaces they touch. If your cat is scratching, especially on hard surfaces such as tables and floors covered in expensive rugs or upholstery, stop him immediately by grabbing him with both hands and holding him close until he stops.
  2. Give your cat a place to scratch:
    If your cat is scratching furniture or other objects, make sure you provide him with a place that he’s allowed to scratch. Cat trees and scratchers are great for giving cats the right kind of surface to scratch.
  3. Invest in a good scratching post:
    A scratching post should be tall enough for your kitty to fully extend his body up, and heavy enough that it won’t easily be tipped over by even the most excited cat.
  4. Don’t leave your cat in one area for too long:
    Cats are very territorial, and for that reason should be allowed to roam their home freely, rather than being confined in one room for prolonged periods of time.


Cats use all kinds of other gestures and body language to communicate with humans, but these are the most common. If you ever want to learn more about cat behavior, there’s plenty of books available on the subject that go into much greater detail than what this article provides.

To get your cat used to a strange cat in the house or any new pet for that matter, offer your feline friends a few treats first. This will make them less aggressive and more willing to meet your new furry friend face-to-face.

As a cat owner, you can find many ways to understand your cat using gestures and body language. If you keep your eyes open, you will notice a great difference in the way your cat acts around you, the way she reacts to objects in the house, and how she interacts with other pets in general.

brown cat lying on then ground and stretching its paw

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