Why Does My Cat Lay On My Clothes?

cat lying on clothes in the bed

Have you ever felt like your cat is saying something to you through her body language? Have you asked yourself why your cat lay on your clothes? Cat experts say that the reason why your cat might be laying on your clothes, or chest, or bed could be because she wants to tell you that she misses you.

Cats groom their caretakers to show affection and it’s possible that she’s trying to replicate this by jumping up on your bed. Whatever the case may be, just keep in mind that she really does need some love. The reasons why your cat lay on your clothes will be discussed below.

Why do cats lay on my clothes?

  1. Your cat is marking you
    It’s common for cats to scoop their poop, but cat experts say that your kitty could be scooping your clothes with the same motive. Cats view their owners as part of their territory, so your cat could be scooping you and claiming you as her own inching closer to being “one” with her owner.
  2. She wants attention
    One of the reason why your cat may lay on your clothes is to get your attention. Lay down with your cat or give her some extra belly rubs. In doing so, you’ll make her day because she’ll know that she has become a part of your life. You can also give her some extra attention by paying her more petting sessions.
  3. She wants to play
    This could also be a reason why your cat lay on your clothes, although cats are independent creatures, playing with them using toys or helping them chase after a laser light on a wall will satisfy their playful side. Providing your cat with new toys and scratching posts will allow her to work off any pent up energy and give you a good break from chasing her around the house.
  4. She’s working as an alarm system
    Your cat might just enjoy laying on you while you sleep to make sure no one steals your belongings while you’re out.
  5. She’s keeping warm
    Ever wake up in the middle of the night and find your cat walking on your chest, sniffing and rubbing her head against your face? It’s possible that your kitty wants to make sure you’re still alive, so she’s sleeping on you to be warm.
  6. She needs attention, but she acts hostile or scared
    Another reason why your cat lay on your clothes could be that your cat might actually be asking for some petting or just wants some love. However, if you ignore her, she could get very upset with you. Since cats can’t talk to humans, they try to get their message across by acting out. In doing so, they might scratch or bite you.
  7. She’s not feeling well
    If your cat is laying on top of your clothes all day, it’s possible that she got into something like chewing on plastic. The material could have gotten stuck inside her body and she could be in pain and uncomfortable. Make sure to take her to the vet since this could lead to a serious infection.

Whatever the reason may be for your cat’s behavior(why your cat lay on your clothes), try to understand why she does what she does. Cats tend to act out when they are frustrated or unhappy about something. Whether your cat continues with these uncomfortable behaviors is up to you and the way you treat her from now on.

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Why does my cat lay on my chest?

  1. She’s playing with you
    If your cat decides to lay on top of you and purrs, she might just be saying that she wants to play.
  2. She thinks it’s bed time
    Sometimes cats continue sleeping even when they are not in their usual bed. She could be in a “cat nap” as a result of being lazy, so nothing gets on her way between naps. In certain cases, however, it could be because she is feeling sick or has something stuck inside her body that is making her uncomfortable and restless.
  3. She’s claiming you as her territory
    Like dogs, cats view their owners as part of their territory too. You could be part of your cat’s space and she just wants to let you know that she belongs with you.
  4. She feels safe with you around
    Cats are not big fans of change, so they like to keep things the same if they are comfortable with them.
  5. You smell like her caretakers
    If you have multiple cats or if you’re a pet sitter or a breeder, your cat could be finding comfort in you because she associates you with the familiar aroma of her owners or kittens.
  6. She needs a good petting.
    Another way to show your cat that she has become one with you is by giving her a good petting session.
  7. You’re the one who feeds her
    One way to tell why your cat lay on your clothes or bed or chest could be that she could just be saying, “thank you” by letting you know that she appreciates everything that you’ve done for her.
  8. She misses her siblings or friends
    As mentioned in other answers, cats communicate with their owners through body language, so she could be telling you how much she misses her former home and her other cat friends. Which ever way your cat would like it either by laying on your clothes or chest, cats owners should be able to understand cats and also respond positively to them

Why does my cat lay on my bed?

cat lying on bed
  1. She’s just tired
    The annoying thing about cats is that they like to take a nap at inappropriate times and places, just like when you’re in the middle of something important. Some cats are nappers and it’s possible that your cat just wants to close her eyes for a while in your bed or on top of your clothes.
  2. She wants to be close to you all the time
    Since cats are independent creatures, they don’t want to be controlled by their owners, but they want to be near them all the time too. Your cat probably feels safe and secure near you because she trusts you with her life.
  3. She wants to keep a close watch on you
    It’s possible that your cat feels like she needs to watch over you and make sure nothing bad happens while she is asleep. She might feel like she has to do this in order to protect you.
  4. You smell familiar and your bed smells familiar too
    Like we said above, cats feel safe when they are around the familiar scent of their owners or kittens. It’s possible that your bed or clothes smell like her owners and this makes her feel like she’s around them when she is laying on top of them.
  5. You provide her with the warmth and comfort she needs
    Like we said before, cats are not fans of change. They prefer to remain in one place for a long time because this makes them feel secure.
  6. She’s keeping an eye on you as you sleep
    Some cats sleep on their owners’ faces or pillows because they want to make sure that they are still alive while they are sleeping.
  7. Your cat is marking you as part of her territory since you smell like her owner
    Like we said before, cats view you as part of their territory too and if your cat marks your stuff, it means that she is trying to tell you just how important and significant you are in her life.
  8. She wants to have a private time of her own
    Cats like to do things their way and this means that they can take a nap and not let anyone disturb them.
  9. She likes the temperature of your bed or clothes
    It could be that your cat likes the feel of the temperature in your bed, so she wants to sleep on top of you instead. It’s also possible that she likes the material of your clothes too, so she will always be around them.
  10. She feels ill
    If your cat is coughing, sneezing, or her eyes are all red it could be possible that she is having a cold or fever and she’s just not feeling well at the moment.
  11. It’s better than the floor
    Your cat loves a nice comfy bed to lay on and most likely prefers yours to the one in his own home because it’s perfectly pristine and warm….

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Why does my cat sleep at my feet?

Your cat might like the idea of sleeping at the foot of your bed because she thinks it’s a comfortable place to be. She could also be attracted to the warmth that comes from your feet. It’s possible that you have an electrical heating pad on top of your bed, which attracts your cat to sleep at its foot.

If this is the case, you might have problems getting her away from the heating pad, especially if you haven’t got her a special place of her own yet. If she sleeps under your bed, she will end up disturbing you and the warmth of your feet may cause her to sneeze.

You should consider moving the heating pad to a different location that is not in the way of your cat. You might also want to purchase a heated mat if you want to replace the heated pad with a new one. If you use both these suggestions, it will be easier for your cat to get away from the heating pad since there won’t be as many other things in her way as there is now.

cats lying on each other on a clothe


There are many reasons why cats and dogs sleep on their owners or beds. Whatever the reason is, the most important thing is to understand that it’s not a bad thing or a fault in your pet. Your cat might seem very independent when she tries out these odd behaviors, but in reality, she just wants to be close to you and feel safe with you.

When you are finally up to date with our article about why your cat lay on your clothes, please let us know what have you learned by dropping us a comment below.

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