Why Does My Cat Bury Its Head In My Hand?

cat putting its head on its owners hand

If your cat is nuzzling or burying his head in your hand, it is a sign that he trusts and loves you. Why does my cat bury its head in my hand? Animals do this to mothers in the wild when they want to be fed. It usually goes along with purring and they will often start kneading their paws when they do this too.

It is also possible that your cat is rubbing his head on you because he smells territorial pheromones. Cats may rub up against your legs, clothes or furniture to mark their territory by laying the pheromones on whatever object they are standing next to. This is called scent marking.

Another reason why your cat may be rubbing his head on you is because he loves to be petted on his forehead or in between the ears. This can be a very satisfying feeling and make him feel important as well as loved.

Why does my cat bury its head in my hand?

Your cat is rubbing his head against your hand because he likes being petted. The purring and kneading noises he makes when you pet him are a sign that he loves and trusts you. If a cat rubs his face on your legs and to actually smell their owner, it is a sign of affection.

You may think that your cat loves to bury his face in your neck, but it is actually not very common. Many cats do it as kittens, but they grow out of this behaviour as they get older. Most cats don’t like being held down like this though, so there are exceptions to the rule.

Another reason may be that he loves to feel the vibrations of your voice as you talk to him. This may be why he wants to bury his head in your hand – so that he can hear you better.

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Reasons for this behavior:

  1. Your cat is craving attention: If your cat do bury his head in your hand, he is probably craving contact. If he wants to be petted, cleaned up or have a fuss made over him, he might try to nuzzle you. Most cats will take time out of their day to snuggle and purr if they feel like it. Dogs are also very social beings and may also behave similarly.
  2. Your cat is giving you a special sign of affection: If your cat is burying his head in your hand, it might just be a way of showing you affection. If he has been fed, this might be a sign that he wants some attention and cuddles.

Always make time for your furry friend. Whether it is to play with him, feed him or just to spend some quality time with him, you should always make sure that your cat is comfortable and happy.

  1. He likes to smell your skin: Your cat may also bury his face into your hand because he likes the smell of your skin. It is a natural instinct for cats to want to sniff and often rub against an object or person that smells attractive. This is common for both dogs and cats.

Your cat may also be checking you out, trying to figure out what you will do next. This can be part of a good game too, where the cat waits until you are distracted before entering the “game.” If your cat is showing other signs of attention, this could mean that they want something from you – maybe food or play time etc. Your pet will most likely know when to re-enter the game.

cat being touched on the face by its owner
  1. You are stroking a sensitive area on your cat’s body, such as the back of his head or his face. This is the area that cats use for scent marking and is extremely pleasurable for them to be stroked.
  2. Your cat is trying to make you pet him in a specific way: Your cat may be trying to get you to pet him in a way he likes. Some cats like their ears and forehead to be petted, while others like you to stroke the back of their heads.
  3. Your cat is checking out your territory: If your cat do bury his head in your hand, he may be trying to check out your hands and arms for any strange smells or marking he may have seen earlier. Cats are very territorial animals, so they especially try to keep track of other cats around them – especially if they feel threatened or unsafe in any way.
  4. Your cat is trying to bond with you: If your cat is burying his head in your hand, he may be trying to show you that he likes and trusts you. There are often many reasons why a cat rubs his face on an object or person – some of these are more obvious than the others since they have been established as natural instincts and needs.
  5. He’s showing off: If your pet starts showing other signs of dominance over you – by growling, staring at you or strutting, this is a way of marking territory as well as showing off to best mates and potential mates. Cats also use this behavior to show each other that they are okay for mating too.
  6. His trust and love for you are expressed through purring and kneading sounds: If your cat is burying his head in your hand, you can be sure that he really loves and trusts you. Purring and kneading sounds are a way for cats to express themselves – so if you think that your pet really loves you, it will show through these noises for sure.
  7. He’s trying to make you pay attention to him: If your cat is burying his head in your hand or paw, this could mean that he wants something from you like food or play time. This behavior is a sign of dominance too, because he is taking control of the situation.
  8. He wants to know where you are going: if your cat is burying his head in your hand, he may also be trying to smell you and figure out what you are doing.
  9. You’re paying him too much attention: As with the dog, an opposite effect can happen when you pay too much attention to your pet cat. He might start misbehaving just so that he stops getting as many treats or snuggles as before. Just like with people, too much of anything can be a bad thing!
  10. He wants to be eaten: Your cat might also bury his face in your hand because he’s feeling hungry. However, this is not a common cause of this behavior as most cats overfeed themselves at dinner time anyway!
  11. It calms him down: If your cat is burying his head in your hand, he may be trying to get some peace and quiet as he feels anxious or nervous. Cats can also sometimes growl and start acting up around other cats in certain situations – when they feel unsure, threatened or annoyed.

This is often a way of them showing off dominance over another cat too, so it can cause serious problems if you don’t take care of these situations properly.

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Why does my cat bury its face in my neck?

Feline face-rubbing against an object or person is an important means of scent marking. When a cat rubs his face on an object or person, he deposits pheromones, which give that object or person the scent of the cat’s facial glands and cheek pouches. This is a way for the cat to mark its territory.

Scent rubbing is common among both male and female cats, but can also be seen in kittens around four months of age. Kittens do it as a form of play many times before they lose interest when they mature at around six months old. The act of scent rubbing occurs most frequently during the excitement a cat feels when it is in a new environment.

It is also a form of communication between cats, as he does this in an attempt to get the attention of his primary caregiver.

A kitten’s recognition signals for its mother will always be in the form of face-rubbing and tail-wagging. This behavior helps to establish whether the kitten recognizes its mother, since it will only rub against someone else if it doesn’t recognize them. Kittens’ faces are scent blind, so they can’t see their mother’s face when she greets them from across the room. Therefore, they depend on other means of communication, such as scent rubbing.

A cat’s face-touching behavior is an important part of the cat-human relationship too. However, some cats are more aggressive than others when it comes to scent rubbing. Some people might feel slightly uncomfortable or worried if their cat rubs its face on them, because they know that this is a sign of dominance in cats.

Face-rubbing is very important in terms of social behavior among cats, but it can be quite uncomfortable for humans. This can lead to a situation where the cat rubs its face on a human, which can be slightly embarrassing for both parties.

However, cats also do this as a form of play or when they are anxious or nervous. Cats who are socialized to humans will often leave the face area alone when they rub themselves against the legs or clothing of their human companion.


The reason why your cat do bury its head in your hand means that your cat loves and trusts you.

Remember that cats can have many different reasons for burying their faces in your hands and arms, since they often do it out of instinctive behavior.

It’s a good idea to look at the whole way your kitten or cat acts towards you before jumping to conclusions about the cause of this behavior. If they are doing it out of aggression or dominance, then you will need to find other ways of dealing with the situation properly – such as by showing that you are not afraid by gently pushing their head away from you if it tries to rub its face on yours.

If your cat is doing it out of a sense of excitement and curiosity, then this behavior is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

cat resting on its owners hand

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