Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?

cat playing with toys on the ground

This article will go through many different types of reasons why your cat may bring you a toy, including cats being grateful, cats being emotionally attached to you or to specific objects in your home, or just wanting to keep their relationship with you close. Why does my cat bring me toys? That’s the question people are asking themselves more often these days.

This article will go into detail on all the different ways our feline friends like us enough to want us to play with them!

Why does my cat bring me toys?

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are a lot of different reasons your cat may bring you a toy. This is the first reason why your cat may bring you toys and is probably the most common reason, it’s because they want to play with you!

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  1. Cats bringing you toys because they want to play.
    This reason is pretty simple as well and I’m sure if you have had a pet for very long at all you’ve gotten pretty good at knowing what their meows mean.

If your cat meows at you in a begging or desperate tone and not just some simple playful meows, it may be because they want to play.

  1. Cats bringing you toys because they’re grateful to you.
    Cats have very close relationships with people whether they are family members, relatives or friends. They can express their gratitude by being generous and giving of themselves, especially when it comes to treats! A lot of cats like to give their owners small gifts at least once a week and if their owners aren’t very well liked then benefits such as these are taken advantage of by the cats themselves!
  2. Cats bring toys because they are emotionally attached to you or an object in your home.
    Whether your cat has been with you for a short time or for a very long time, if they are emotionally attached then they may show it by bringing you another cat’s toy in hopes that you will throw the toy around and play with them.

This can go further when your cat brings a ‘favorite’ of yours and not their own, this may be because they’ve realized that they have become too attached to the object so they want to share it with you so that there won’t be any confusion among the other cats.
This is one of the reasons why cats bring toys and can get extremely complicated.

  1. Cats bring toys to keep their relationship with you close.
    This doesn’t necessarily mean that the cat is trying to make a closer relationship, it can also just mean that they want to make sure that their bond with you is still strong.

This is why cats can often be found hiding under blankets, etc.

cat playing with toy on the ground
  1. Cats bring toys because they want you to play with them.
    Similar to number 2, this is a way that cats attempt to make their owners love them more. If you have a toy and your cat plays with it then you will have a stronger bond, especially if you have multiple pets and they each have their own toys to play with. Your cats desire for your love will become much stronger and they will be happy when you are around.
  2. Cats bring toys to keep other cats away.
    This is something that will most likely happen in a multi cat household because cats are extremely territorial, especially when it comes to food, toys, and territory itself. They will try to defend their territory from invading animals and other cats alike.

Unlike dogs, cats have a tendency to not show affection towards other animals or family members unless they are pregnant or the young have just been born. If your cat brings you a toy but it is another pet’s toy then they may be showing their protection because they feel that perhaps you don’t really love them properly or aren’t paying attention to them as much as you should be so they need to be brought into focus.

The next reason why your cat may bring you toys can be extremely hard to explain and even harder to understand.

  1. Cats bring toys because they are trying to trick you into doing something.
    This reason is the hardest one to understand because it’s not out of love or gratitude, but it’s out of the desire for something else. If your cat brings a toy and you throw it around and play with them then they will try to do this more often because there are good things that come from their actions.

This can lead to a lot of destructive behavior in households with multiple cats because they will feel that they’re doing something right and it has worked in the past.

If you ever see your cat acting weird and bringing you toys, or if you feel as though their treatment towards you has changed, this could be why.

The last reason why your cat may bring you toys is just because they want to play with them. Cats are not always easy to understand and they are extremely complex animals when compared to dogs but there are ways that we can learn our cats’ language bit by bit.

Why does my cat bring me random things?

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Now that you’ve answered why your cat brings you toys, the question has become more of a question of “Why does my cat bring me random objects?” This can be a lot more confusing than the first one because when we think about our cats wanting to have things in their environment, we usually think about them getting something for themselves.

But there are some things that could be brought out of our cats being emotionally attached to you or your home.

Here are 5 surprising reasons why your cat may bring you random objects.

  1. Cats bringing us objects because they want us to play with them.
    This is one of the most common reasons for this behavior and it can be very easy to understand. If your cat does something awesome or gets rewarded then they will do it again but in a different way.

They may sit there for you to throw the object, or meow at you constantly until you notice them.

This is especially true if the cat hasn’t gotten a reward in a while and they feel like they deserve one. They will also bring objects that they want to be played with more often than others as another way of getting attention or being noticed because they feel that they deserve it.

  1. Cats bring objects because they’re trying to make you like them.
    This is very similar to number 2 in cats bringing toys because they want a closer relationship with you, but in this scenario they want to be accepted more so than anything else. They are trying to understand your thoughts and feelings and if you like them or not.

If a cat feels that their owners don’t like them then they will bring stuff around that they think will make you care about them more. This can include pictures of new born kittens, dead mice, etc.

  1. Cats bring objects because they are sick of having the same old thing around.
    Cats are very clean animals and when something gets dirty, it makes them extremely uncomfortable. This is why they will urinate outside of their litter box and why they can’t stand the smell of their own vomit.

It just doesn’t feel right to them. If your cat doesn’t like how something smells or looks then they are going to want to get rid of it, especially if things start to pile up.

The only way that they know how is by bringing you something else that they think you will like more than the one that you have currently so they can fix the problem or make the situation better to suit their needs because it’s not working out well for them anymore.

  1. Cats bring objects because they want to help you.
    Cats like to help humans with their daily routines, especially if they are smaller than them and they are able to move things around easily. They also like to help their owners because it makes them feel useful and makes their bond stronger than if they were completely useless.

If a cat is attached to their owner then they will help by bringing objects from time to time because it will be the thing that will make them feel the most useful in doing. It will make them feel like you need them and that they are the best animals that you could ask for.

  1. Cats bring objects to show affection.
    If a cat brings you something that they find pleasurable, then it’s a way of thanking you and showing their love for you in the only way that they know how. They may bring things because they love watching you play with them, or they may bring things because it makes them feel as though your bond is closer than before and that they are more important than anything else.
cat playing with a key toys

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The most important thing to remember when it comes to cats bringing you toys or objects is that you must be open-minded and accept their reasoning. If you start thinking negatively about them and make assumptions about what could be going on with your feline companion, then they will feel as though they’re not good enough and that you don’t really love them as much as they do.

A cat’s love for its owner is so strong but it doesn’t have the same effect on humans that it would on other animals. It’s called affection, not love. Even if we think of our cats as family members, there are certain things that we can never understand or even begin to grasp just how much they really care about us.

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