Why Do Cats Walk In Front Of You? Read This…

cat walking in front of its owner

If you’ve ever seen your cat walk in front of you, you’re not alone. Cats love to walk, well, everywhere. They especially like to lead the way when it comes to walking between rooms or into another room. This can be frustrating if they won’t get out of your way or don’t seem to notice that they are cutting in front of you. Reasons why cats walk in front of you are listed and explained below.

  1. You’re the boss. They want to let you know who’s boss and this is your chance to be the most important person in their lives right now. If a cat doesn’t get its way it will growl, hiss and spit at you and they might even do a swipe at you with their claws. What the cat is trying to do is get you to back off so it can complete its mission.

The cat knows it’s going somewhere, you should be able to figure out what it’s up to so you don’t come between them and their destination.

  1. They want attention, affection and/or cuddling or they’re bored or lonely. Many times cats can be found walking in front of people because they are lonely and want some attention like a petting session. Sometimes cats want to be petted on their head and back. Sometimes it can be body rubbing.
  2. When your cat is sick and needs to seek warmth, like when the temperature in the house drops or if they’ve just come in from the cold, they walk in front of you so they can get their body temperature up before they get too cold. If they are normal they will probably snuggle up their warm body next to you while looking very contented.
  3. Cats could walk in front of you because they want to go outside. Your cat will go out the door and then hang around by the front door to see if anyone is coming home. They will then go back inside and will want to be the first in line when you get home so they can greet you with a big greeting.

They might even stalk you and walk before you get into the house so they can get into position at the same time or right after you get in the house.

  1. They are mad at you. They might be angry at you because they feel like you have been ignoring them, or they don’t like the way you do something and they want you to change it. For example, they might be mad at you because you keep locking them out of the bedroom and they want to be in there.

They might come up to you and walk in front of you just to let you know about their feelings.

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  1. To notify their family members that it’s time to get ready to go out with them. If there are others outside that your cat can call and tell them it’s time to go hunting or playing in the yard or a warren, then your cat will do just that.
  2. To show you where they are going. If your cat goes to a different room and then stops and looks back at you it is so they can make sure that you are following them and can see where they are going.
  3. If the cat has been outside, he or she might want to go in through the front door. Your cat might want to do this because they want a lot of attention when they come in though the front door because they have been gone for some time.
  4. Your cat knows you will take him or her to the vet. Your cat could be asking you to check with your vet’s office and make sure that it is alright for them to come in for a checkup without having to be carried by you.
  5. A big part of what makes cats so lovable is that they are a very social animal and they love when people communicate with them, especially when you talk and pet them.
cat holding its owners leg

If your cat has been shut up all day then there might be something wrong and they just want someone who will listen to them tell their story of what happened, where they have been or if there was anything that the animal needed done for them since the last time they saw you.

  1. You are invading their territory. This is another reason why cats would walk in front of you If you are walking into a room that the cat is familiar with, then they will go in first so they can check out the area before it’s invaded by an outsider (you). They will check out every corner and every place it could hide in case there is someone or something trying to take over its spot/territory.

To mention but a few are reasons to why cats walk in front of you. Next, we are going to be looking into how to get your cat to stop walking in front of you.

How do i get my cat to stop walking in front of me?

Feline owners are meant to know and understand the behaviours of their cats so as to be able to tell the reasons why their cats do walk in front of them.

First of all, you have to figure out why your cat does this. Is it because they are lonely? Do they want you to play with them more? Do you not pet them enough? Are they trying to tell you something?

If you’ve done a lot of research on this and have no idea, then you should get a cat therapist because they understand cats very well and can help you figure out what is wrong with your cat. They will ask you many questions and do experiments with your cat.

If it’s something that can be fixed by changing your cat’s environment or doing things differently, then the cat therapist will adjust their behavior so that your cat doesn’t mess up as much.

First of all, if this behavior does not go away after weeks, try to put yourself in their shoes. Your cat is probably trying to tell you something and if you don’t know what it is then maybe it’s a good idea to ask someone who knows about cats, like a cat therapist and see if they can tell you why your cat does this.

If you have a new baby or another animal, they might be trying to get your attention and make sure that they are still important in your life. If your cat is mad at you because they feel that there’s too many changes in the house, then this might be the reason why they are angry with you and walking in front of you.

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Try keeping your cat busy with interactive toys so he or she doesn’t have time to mess up things around the house. An interactive toy is one that your cat will play with and use everyday. Interactive toys are like puzzle games, ball launchers, toys that move around, etc.

If this behavior doesn’t go away and it seriously bothers you that your cat keeps doing it, then you should talk to someone close to you about it because if this is happening on a regular basis then you might be feeling very guilty for what was going on in your cat’s life before.

Try changing the room where the cat is walking in front of you. This can help change their environment which could help make them feel better about themselves.

Is my cat mad at me because I locked him out? If you have locked your cat out before and they are now walking in front of you, then they might be mad at you because they feel like they shouldn’t be locked out in the first place.

Did you accidentally hurt your cat? If you were playing with your cat and then accidently hurt him, he or she might want to tell you that they are not lying about it and want to show you where the pain is located.

Why do cats walk on you while you sleep?

This might be one of the scariest things that a cat can do because you never expect to get kicked in the face or have them jumping on you.

If your cat does this when you are sleeping, then they might be scared and want to communicate with you because it’s a very scary thing for them to happen to someone. You could also get freaked out by it and think that they are being aggressive towards you.

It is best if you give your cat space while they are walking on top of you but if they do not stop, try talking to them and touching them gently so that they know that this is not a threat. If they do not stop, then you should try to push them off gently.

If your cat is still doing this even when you give them space, then it’s best if you seek the help of a professional because this might be a sign that your cat is very angry with you for something and feels like they need to tell you that.

Cats are very sensitive animals so being on top of someone can be very stressful for them and it could cause physical harm to their body as well as mental damage to their mind. Getting on top of someone while they sleep can cause neck problems and serious traumas such as broken bones or internal bleeding in the brain.


Cats are amazing animals because they are very smart and can understand a lot of things that you don’t think they understand. There is no easy answer for why your cat does these things and it’s best if you get a professional for help.

There can be many reasons why a cat does something that seems odd to us even to why they walk in front of you, but we don’t know the reason why they do it so it’s best to try to find out yourself by asking someone close to you who knows about cats very well. Before you ask them, make sure that they understand what kind of situation you are talking about so they can help you understand better.

Remember to be nice and gentle to your cat. If you do not show them affection, then they will walk in front of you as if to say “you’re not my friend”.

cat standing in front of its owner

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