Why Do Cats Rub Their Teeth On You?

cat and its owner rubbing faces together

Why do cats rub their teeth on you? It is not just the wild animals that do this, cats are one of them. Sometimes they will come up and lick you on your face to get some attention. The reason why they rub their teeth on you is to mark territory, but it may also be because they want some affection or attention from you.

You might be wondering why your cat does this if he or she is already a family pet in your home, often times cats do not get enough love from their owners so the cat will go for any affection that it can get! The only way to stop this behavior would be scolding the cat or causing another pet at home to fight with them.

Cats are among the most lovable and cuddly creatures in the world. Many people love to hold a cat for one reason or another, but some people may find this particular action unsettling. In this blog post, we will discuss why cats give us that slobbery mouthed kiss and how you can avoid it.

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Why do cats rub their teeth on you?

Some people will find that their cats are very affectionate, however other people may be bothered by this action. Cats often do this for attention and affection, but it can also be a form of marking their territory.

The reason why cats rub their teeth on you is because they are putting down a scent that says I was here. Cats are one of many animals in the world that will rub their body parts onto other creatures. This is to share their scent with the object so that other animals know that they were there, but also to identify themselves as being from a certain area.

Cats have scent glands near their mouths, paws and tail, so when they rub themselves against another creature or object it leaves those areas with their scent. Most people like coming into contact with cats because of the wonderful smell of them.

Cats also rub their teeth on objects as a way to sharpen them, they do this by pushing their tongue against the top of the teeth.

If your cat has been licking you and rubbing their face against you, it is because they are marking you as being theirs. If your cat rubs their teeth on you, it is likely because they want more attention or affection from you. If you can’t stand to have your cat’s teeth touched, then this may be a sign that you should separate them from their litter box and give them more attention.

If your cat likes to mark objects and get into your furniture or other areas of the house then they may want more space around those objects. Cats do need to have somewhere that they can go to be alone without people getting in their way, or without other animals being near them. This is called a private area and it needs to be looked after by the cats if they have one.

Sometimes cats will get into trouble with all of their scratching, chewing and marking so you should try to keep your cat from doing these things. Your cat will likely do a lot of these activities when they are bored, so it is a good idea to give them something to do or play with.

cat owner kissing its feline friend

Try buying some toys or even give your cat one of those fishing rods that hangs in the doorway. Your cat will be entertained for hours if you hang these sorts of toys in front of them.

If you are finding that your cat is marking and biting other people’s faces then it might be time for him or her to go through behavior training as well. You may want to use a pet training collar on your cat, but this is not something that should be used too often as it could cause your cat to get an injury around their neck.

You can try using a spray bottle or squirt bottle on your cat, but never into their face as you do not want them getting an injury. When you spray your cat’s mouth with water, they might think that it is the humans trying to entice them so they will spit and rub their teeth on you. If this happens then try giving them some attention instead such as petting, talking or even just playing around with them.

7 reasons why cats do rub their teeth on you

Some of the reasons why cats do rub their teeth on you are explained below. These reasons include:

  1. To show affection:
    Cats have a habit of rubbing their teeth onto other people as a show of affection and to get affection from them. This is one way for the cat to communicate with humans. When your cat rubs their teeth on your legs, arms and face it means that it loves you and also shows you that there is no harm intended.
  2. Territorial marking:
    Cats often mark other animals or objects with their saliva containing the pheromones from their glands. The pheromones left by cats are a way for other animals that share the territory to identify which area belongs to whom. Cats and other animals use this process to look after their territory and mark it as their own.
  3. To tell the others around them that they were there:
    When your cat rubs its teeth onto you they are saying that it was there, so other cats looking for cats in the area will know that this person belongs to this house or place. It is a way for the cats to look after each other around areas where they live together and share among themselves.

Cats also use this rubbing action when they are trying to get attention from you as another cat does something wrong or does not pay attention when it should be around there, so your cat will try to let them know by rubbing their teeth on a person or object.

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  1. To show other animals that they are not being attacked, but instead are showing trust:
    Cats will rub their teeth on you to let you know that they are showing trust and there is no need to fear them as they do not intend to attack or hurt you. It is a way for the cat to communicate with people who have no idea what their body language means and how it is used.

This behavior is also used by cats when they feel threatened or even upset about something, so if your cat does rub his or her teeth on you this means that your cat does not get along with another animal in the same house as them or near them at the time.

  1. Because they like the taste of you:
    Cats often have the habit of licking or rubbing themselves on other creatures or objects in order to get some sort of taste from those creatures that they are not able to eat themselves. If your cat likes you this is another way for them to say that they like you, so if your cat does this it is a sign that it loves you and wants more attention from you.

Cats also like these action because they are trying to mark the area around you so all other cats know that they were there. There is nothing wrong with this behavior, unless your cat bites. If your cat bites, then it is a sign that the cat might be trying to get more attention from you and so this is not something that you want happening to you.

  1. To keep their teeth clean:
    Cats expose their teeth all around the mouth, and when they rub against things or people it softens up their teeth and makes them easier for them to eat in small quantities than if they did not have the habit of doing this. Rubbing their teeth also make it easier for them to clean their teeth and so it is something that is good for their health.
  2. Because they are annoyed or upset:
    When your cat rubs its teeth against you, this means that your cat is annoyed with you. It is a way for the cat to show what it wants or to get rid of something that it does not like. With this in mind, if your cat rubs its teeth on you, then there must be another reason why it does this and so you should get to the bottom of the problem.


There are many reasons why cats rub their teeth on you, but once you know the reason for it then you can cure the problem easily. To prevent your cat from chewing and scratching on things in your house, it is important that you try to keep them entertained by giving them something to play with or even using a pet training collar for them.

When you use a training collar, the cat will be more interested in playing with the toy and so it will not be as much of an issue for you. If your cat’s teeth are dirty or yellow then you should take them to the vet and have them cleaned. If your cat does not like being in the vet’s office, then it is best for you to give him or her a sedative before venturing there.

When your cat does rub its teeth against you, then it usually means that they love you and so this is something that should not be taken lightly by someone who loves animals. It is also something that should not be taken lightly by someone who does not like animals as it could cause an injury to the person.

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