What To Do When Your Lost Cat Returns Home?

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What to do when your lost cat returns home? Most cats keep perfect track of where they live and it takes something dramatic for them to get lost. If your cat has been missing for over 24 hours, there are two things you can do to maximize the chances of finding him or her.

The first is to make sure you are making your house as easy as possible for the cat to find his way back in. Put out food, water, and a litter box in a room that’s nice and quiet with plenty of places he can hide away if he gets scared. Make sure your cat has a collar with up-to-date ID, including your phone number and email address.

Leave the door to the room open so he can walk in whenever he wants. You may also want to leave your front door open a crack so he can get back in but is unlikely to wander off again.

The second thing you can do is put up posters in the neighborhood and on notice boards giving a picture of your cat and information about what she looks like, what she was last wearing and that you are missing her and want her back home.

You should also check with local shelters and vets to see if they’ve found a lost cat who matches your description.

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What to do when your lost cat returns home?

In order to avoid the stress and heartache of losing a cherished family member, it’s important to put forward sufficient effort to make sure that your lost cat finds his way back home.

It may take time for your cat to make his/her way back home, but there are things you can do from the moment you realize your pet has gone missing to help improve the chances of finding them. Family cats, especially those that haven’t been adopted, are especially prone to wandering off.

Whether it’s being let out by you and your children, or a neighbor’s cat that she has grown accustomed to, there are a number of reasons why they may have decided to take a walk while you’re not home.

Nevertheless, there are things you can do from the outset that will greatly increase the chances of finding your pet when they’re lost. As with any other precious family member, you should always take every precaution to make sure that your cat is safe and secure at home.

To this end, you should make sure that your cat’s daily routine isn’t disrupted in any way. When you get home from work, make sure he’s been fed and check that his litter box is clean and filled with fresh litter. Keep him close and spend some time playing with him.

If you have a car, drive around the house in the evening, checking that your car is locked and that there are no suspicious noises in the garden. If you don’t have a car, then walk around the house every so often to make sure everything’s still where it should be.

If you have young children, make sure they play with your cat often as indoor cats are more likely to get bored and venture out of your home. If you’re concerned about being burgled while you’re out of town, then give your cat the run of your entire home until you return.

You should also leave your cat’s cat door open at all times, as this will make it easier for him/her to get back in after wandering off. If you have a cat flap, then open it and make sure your cat can easily get back in.

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Finally, try to keep an eye on the windows of your house and keep a close eye on any signs of suspicious activity such as break ins or strangers loitering around the property. If you notice any suspicious activity while you’re at work, report to the authorities immediately so they can investigate further.

There are other things that you can do to help your cat find his way back home.
For starters, you can use a suitable identification tool such as a microchip that can be read from a distance through the use of an electronic reader.

This makes it easier for him/her to gain access to your home if he gets lost without needing to get close enough to your house for you to hear his meows or see his presence in the garden. It’s also helpful if you keep copies of any information about what your cat looks like and where he was last seen in case you have friends or family members looking for him.

In addition, you should keep an eye on any signs of suspicious activity and if you notice anyone acting suspiciously or attempting to gain access to your property, contact the authorities immediately.

In short, there are a number of things that can be done to maximize the chances of finding your cat when he/she has gone missing. You need to assess the situation and start putting everything in place as soon as you realize he/she is missing. By doing so, you can ensure that your family member is safe and secure at home while making sure they find their way back home again.

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what to do when your lost cat returns home? What percentage of lost cats returned home safely?

In the majority of cases, the cats in question are returned home safely. Although it’s true that there are instances where stray cats may be harmed, it is extremely unlikely to happen unless there’s a drastic change in circumstance such as a severe storm or some other cat-related disaster.

Indeed, in the vast majority of cases where lost cats are returned home safe and sound after initially going missing, you shouldn’t be too concerned about whether or not your cat comes back from wherever he/she has wandered off to.

As aforementioned, factors such as natural disasters and burglaries save certain cases where some members of your family may move or die without leaving any members behind for you to take care of.

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that many cases of lost cats involve a cat going missing only to return home without any serious incidents. The chances of a lost cat returning home safely after being missing for a while aren’t too bad either.

In fact, it’s also not uncommon to hear stories of cats returning home after getting lost for years and even decades. The theory behind this is that cats have very strong survival instincts, so even after being without a home for a long time, it’s not unheard of for them to find their way back.

This is a lot more likely to be the case with cats in rural areas with no roads or other such landmarks that can lead them astray. In these cases, it’s likely the cat will remember where home was and eventually come back. However, these are exceptions to the rule rather than what you should expect from your typical pet cat.

In most cases of lost cats, it simply takes a little time for them to get back home after they’ve gone missing, so don’t feel worried if they’re not back soon.

It should also be noted that when cats begin to get old, they tend to start having some health issues which may mean that they wander off in search of medical attention or food. The fact is that if your cat ever goes missing and then returns home on his/her own, it’s highly likely that he/she is past the age where he/she can take care of themselves, so he/she may need your love and care all over again.

How to stop cats from getting lost

If at all your cat gets missing, cats owners should now what to do when their lost cat returns home and how to stop them from getting lost again. The sad fact is that there are times when no matter how hard you try to find your cat, he/she will continue wandering off. It’s possible that he/she feels lost or that you have failed him/her in some way.

Although it’s important to take the time to consider why your cat is disappearing, it will also be necessary to put everything in place in order to make sure that such incidents don’t occur in the future.

If you can prevent your cat from going missing by making sure they are comfortable at home and well fed, then you shouldn’t have too many problems with him/her wandering off again.

To do this, you should be certain to take the time to ensure that your cat has a good place to sleep and is given ample food. Make sure he/she is safe and secure at home and give him/her lots of love.

You need to make sure that they are never lonely because cats are very good at hiding their emotions, so if they do go missing, it won’t be long before they come back on their own. In most cases though, it won’t be long before you decide that something isn’t right and you start searching for them again.


As you can see, there are a number of things that you can do that will help make finding your cat when he/she has gone missing much easier. When something does happen and your cat has gone missing, it makes sense to take the time to consider why and put everything in place to prevent it from happening again.

Finally, to know what to do when your lost cat returns home, you should also be aware of any signs that something is wrong such as break ins or strangers loitering around. If any of this happens while you’re at work then it’s important to call the authorities as soon as possible so they can handle the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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