What To Do If A Scorpion Stings My Cat?

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What to do if a scorpion stings my cat? It sounds like a nightmare scenario, right? Believe it or not, it does happen—although thankfully not very often. Cats are natural hunters that prowl around outside for prey like bugs and lizards. Often times, that prey will be something like a scorpion.

When your cat gets stung by a scorpion, you need to act fast! However, don’t be alarmed—while the sting of the scorpion is very painful for humans, it’s actually quite harmless to cats. There are some safe ways you can treat your cat’s pain and relieve their discomfort though. Although it can be scary at first, your cat will pull through the unfortunate incident just fine.

If you’re worried about what to do if you find your cat with a scorpion stinging it, don’t worry! The following article will provide you with all of the information you need to know in order to help the situation at hand.

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What to do if a scorpion stings my cat?

The first thing on what to do if a scorpion stings your cat is to get it a quick vet checkup. If the scorpion was venomous, it will recognize this and the vet will be able to treat the symptoms accordingly.

The only instance where the scorpion might cause some ill effects is when there are heavy stings in a concentrated area. This can cause issues like respiratory problems and difficulty breathing, but your cat will pull through just fine in most cases.

Because the sting of a scorpion is so harmless to cats, there aren’t any real pharmaceutical drugs that you can use to treat your cat’s pain from the stinger. So, if you’re looking for a quick pain reliever to use on your cat, there isn’t anything that you can take to help.

The best first aid treatment to try is something like an Epsom Salt bath. Soak your cat in warm water with Epsom Salt for about 20 minutes and then give them a cold water rinse afterwards. This will soothe their skin and ease the pain from their stings.

You can also give your cat some Benadryl if they start having a rash or are in immediate pain from the sting. If you notice that the sting was left in, it’s a good idea to treat your cat with some topical steroid cream.

Be on the lookout for signs of respiratory problems as well. If your cat is having any difficulty breathing, you’ll want to get them to a vet as soon as possible!

You should keep an eye out for swelling in the area around where you know your cat was stung. If there is redness, it’s possible that the swelling will lead to some breathing issues and you’ll need some quick medical treatment. You should also remove any bandages that have been put on before taking them to the vet—as these might cause more complications.

If your cat is bitten by a scorpion, it’s highly recommended that you take them to a vet as soon as possible. Even though the sting of the scorpion isn’t going to cause any major physical damage or issues for your cat, the stinger can contain poison or bacteria and it’s best to be safe!

How to remove scorpion stinger from cat

brown cat and a black scorpion

If you find yourself dealing with a situation where your cat has been stung by a scorpion, there are some things that you can do to get rid of the stinger. This will take away from some of their pain—giving them peace of mind.

The most common way to remove a stinger from your cat is to use tweezers. If possible, use rubber or plastic ones since they’re not going to cause any pain if they’re used on your cat. If you don’t have any tweezers on hand, try using the claw of a pair of scissors instead.

It’s important that the stinger is removed as soon as possible after being stung! If you wait too long, then the venom will start travelling through your cat’s body and cause more damage. Getting it out right away can really help with any complications later on down the road too—so be sure to act fast in these situations.

You can also use a needle to remove the sting from your cat. These are made with a hollow, sharp tip and they can be used on humans as well as cats. The best part is that the syringe is filled with liquid and it can be used to suck up all of the venom. This makes for a quick way to get rid of the sting without causing any damage to your cat’s body in the process!

The same thing goes for using a pin or needle to remove scorpion stinger – this only works if you have some liquid in there as well. If you don’t have something to stick the stinger back into your cat with, then it will just continue to sting them as they try and do it themselves.

The last method that you on what to do if a scorpion stings your cat and how to remove the stinger, is to use fire. This is not meant to be done on your cat, so be very careful when doing this. You could get a match and put it under the stinger or you could use a lighter to burn the head of the scorpion off of your cat’s skin.

The symptoms of a scorpion sting in cats

Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert in identifying these symptoms to know what is wrong with your cat. The first thing that you need to know and understand is that a scorpion sting can cause both pain and behavioral changes in cats.

If your cat is in pain from the sting of a scorpion, you’re going to notice that they will experience some swelling and redness in the area where they were stung. You will also notice some discoloration and your cat might start biting at the area or scratching at it as well.

If you start noticing these symptoms, it’s definitely a sign that your cat has been stung by a scorpion. They may also exhibit some behavioral changes too. Your cat may become very agitated or nervous after being stung by a scorpion—meaning that they might not be happy around other pets or people.

There’s nothing too serious going on with your cat, but they are certainly not acting like their usual selves as a result. There may also be some itching and redness in the area around where the scorpion sting was. It’s a good idea to use some soothing cream for your cat after their scorpion sting since this will help to soothe the pain and make them feel much better.

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Can cats die from a scorpion sting?

The good news is that your cat isn’t going to die from a sting of a scorpion. The venom in the stinger can cause some issues, but it’s not always going to result in death. Your cat will still be able to function as they normally would, but they will just be experiencing some intense pain right now.

There are ways that symptoms can become more dangerous. If you notice that your cat starts having difficulty breathing or if their breathing becomes labored and wheezy, get them to a vet as soon as possible for help! You should also keep an eye out for any swelling or redness in their body and also on their feet as these could indicate a serious condition called septicemia.

How to prevent cats from getting stung by scorpions

Not knowing what to do if a scorpion stings my cat is bad for cat owners as they may not be able to understand what their cat is trying to tell them or why their cat is feeling so uncomfortable and scratchy. Because of the way that these arachnids are able to hide in your house, it’s very important that you do everything you can to make sure that they don’t get in there. This includes taking a good look around and finding all of the places where you might have spiders or scorpions inside of your home.

You should also try and find any holes or cracks that might be in the walls or flooring of your home.

Another thing that you can do is to make sure that you don’t accidentally leave any dishes outside on a counter—especially if there are signs of spiders in them. Scorpions are known for eating insects and other animals, so if you have any food lying around that could attract them, you should take it in right away.

They may choose to climb into the dish to get to the food instead of coming into your home.

You should also make sure that your home doesn’t have any cracks or crevices around the windows and doors that they can use as a way to get inside. If there is something like this present, you could use weather stripping or caulk to patch up these holes.

Make sure that all doors and windows are completely sealed as well! Another great thing to do is keep your yard nice and neat by removing any potential hiding places for scorpions like mulch or tall grass.


Stings from scorpions are not something that you have to worry about too much when it comes to your cat. They don’t have much of a reaction and they can be very slow moving, but if your cat is stung by one, it’s going to cause some issues.

The main thing to remember is that your cat won’t be in any pain from being stung by a scorpion. Since there are no symptoms, they’re just going to act as if they’ve been in a fight or something small like that. If this is the case, then there’s really not much that you can do about it.

There are some things that you can do though to reduce the pain and suffering of your cat’s stings from scorpions. You can use a first aid spray like some calming shampoo and get them to a vet as soon as possible if you find that your cat is having any trouble breathing or acting differently after being stung.

Cat owners should be able to know what to do if a scorpion stings their cat and should also respond quickly to the act so as to avoid any illness from their cats.

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