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cat yawning with mouth wide open

Cats often have an active interest in the world around them. They’re always watching and observing, liking to investigate and sniff around in new places. What does it mean when cats yawn? Now they might be trying to tell you that it’s time for a nap or let you know that there’s a danger lurking nearby!

When cats yawn, they may be indicating that something is bothering them or exhibiting stress. Some other times when cats yawn is to signal another cat their territory or send a message of peace with their eyes wide open. Cuddle up with your feline friend and take note of any interesting occurrences!

What does it mean when cats yawn at you?

You might have come across this before. Your cat happens to yawn and suddenly now you’re the focus of their attention! This is because your cat was paying you a visit and wanted you to know that they are alive and well. Here are a few other instances when cats may yawn at you

Cats can be quite moody, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be happy too. Sometimes when cats yawn, it’s obvious that they’re not stressed or upset, which means that there’s probably nothing to worry about. However, sometimes cats can show just how happy they are by yawning too.

There are many things that can make cats yawn, some of the more obvious ones include being bored or stressed out, but sometimes they’re just plain tired. You’d be amazed at how much energy a cat has! On the other hand, yawning doesn’t always mean there’s something to be worried about.

Some cats yawn when they’re too excited or when they’re just really happy and can’t wait to share their happiness with you!

Whatever your cat may be doing, know that it’s perfectly normal for them to want to communicate with you in this way. As pet owners, it’s important that we understand what our pets want from us and why they do what they do- it can help us understand them better.

Are cats happy when they yawn?

Cats tend to display their emotions through their meows and body language. This could be anything from meowing a lot when they’re hungry, or they could be happy when they purr. It’s hard to tell what your cat is thinking just by observing them though.

When cats yawn, it’s especially difficult to say whether they are happy or not. In many cases, when cats yawn, it means that there is nothing wrong with them and that they may just be tired or bored! The expressions on cats faces when they yawn could mean that they are happy, or they could be just plain bored.

cat yawning and stretching

One thing that you should remember is that cats don’t have vocal chords like we do, so they’re unable to express their emotions with loud meows. Instead, they use their yawning and body language to show us how they feel. This is why it can be difficult to tell if your cat is happy or not when they yawn.

Sometimes cats might even yawn when there is absolutely nothing wrong at all! Sometimes these yawns are just for the attention and might indicate the cat’s stress levels, but other times it can show just how anxious or excited the feline may be feeling too.

Do cats yawn when they are stressed?

A cat will often yawn if it is stressed out and the same applies if it wants to let you know that you made a mistake in an important part of your life. Your cat is letting you know that you should evaluate your current situation and see if you made the right decision.

Cats are sensitive creatures, so a lot of things can stress them out. For example, when you move to a new home, it might be hard for your cat at first because they’re not familiar with the surroundings.

This can sometimes stress them out and they will thus yawn to point this out to you. Cats yawning could also be your cat wanting to tell you that they’d rather not spend the night.

When cats yawn when they are stressed out, it can be a sign that they’re making themselves known. They might be telling you to calm down or not to get too worked up about something. Look into it yourself and see what your cat means!

Do cats yawn when they are annoyed?

By now, we already know that one of the reasons why cats yawn is that they’re simply tired or bored. But sometimes cats yawn because there is something wrong, which could mean that they feel agitated or upset about something.

Cats don’t really like to be bothered with annoying things, so when they see you take on a negative attitude and start frowning at them, all the while rubbing your hands together, it could really irritate them. This is why some cats will yawn in such circumstances to tell you that they won’t be staying for long.

One way to help your cat feel more comfortable around you is by giving them a couple of toys they can play with whenever they want. This can make them feel happier and reduce their stress level in the long run!

Cats yawning symptoms

So if you’ve ever been around your feline friend and noticed that he’s yawning, have you wondered what it might mean?

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The following are a few symptoms that you might notice when your cat is yawning:

  • Your cat may just be bored or trying to tell you that there’s nothing for him to be that bothered about. This is why your cat may be yawning and making themselves known. They could be saying “There’s nothing to worry about!”
  • Your cat may only yawn when they’re extremely stressed out, so they don’t want the stress to build up too much.
  • Your cat may also yawn because it’s trying to tell you that they don’t want to stay in a certain location. Perhaps you took your cat out somewhere and they’re uncomfortable there. They might not think that the place is safe, which is why they might be yawning and trying to get your attention.
  • If a cat yawns when they are stressed or nervous, it could also mean that they are trying to relax too. In this case, the cat is probably going to stretch or maybe even take a short nap!
  • On an entirely different note, when cats yawn just before they go outside, it could mean that they want to say goodbye before leaving. What cat wouldn’t want to go on a nice walk?
  • Cats also yawn when they see something or someone that they know. They are trying to tell you that they’re happy to see you and will love it if you would lend them a hand. This might sound like a stretch, but it’s certainly possible!
  • When cats are tired and feel like taking a nap, they will often sit up or stand straight up, with their eyes shut. As time passes, they will begin to yawn and then lie down on the floor and go to sleep.

While this might seem like a bit of a strange sign by itself, when you consider the other signs that your cat might be displaying at the same time, it could end up making perfect sense!

What does it mean when cats yawn with their paws open?

Cats are naturally curious creatures and this is one of the reasons why they’re thought to be aloof. However, many cats are very curious and will give you the strangest of looks when they see something strange.

If your cat yawns with their paws open, it could mean that they are happy and excited at the same time. They might be saying “Hello!” in this way too. Cats are highly social animals, so you can say that when your cat yawns with their paws open, it is happy to see you!

However, when your cat yawns with a closed mouth and paws closed, there’s a chance that they’re just tired or bored.

What does it mean when cats yawn with their paws stretched out?

In addition to the above behavior, a cat might also stretch its paws in front of them when it yawns. This type of individual yawn is called “Yawning at Bat” or “Yawning as A Foreign Object”. This could be your cat trying to show you that they are stressed out or nervous.

This behavior may be a sign that they are trying to calm themselves down and have you see what they’re going through. What’s interesting is that some cats will yawn with their paws extended because they want the attention of the owner!

Cats are often curious creatures, so if your cat has its eyes wide open, it may make them feel a bit more comfortable about everything.

tired yawning cat


Cats are not just amazing pets, but they can also be a great source of entertainment for humans. Sometimes all you have to do is just sit down to observe the animal and see what it does!

Cats yawning might be something that you’ve never given much thought to, but it could be one of the biggest signs your cat is trying to tell you something. Cats yawning can indicate a lot about their moods and so you should really pay attention next time your cat does so!

What do cats yawn for? What does a cat mean when it yawns? These are all important questions which need answers. Fortunately, we have covered everything in our article.

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