What Breed Of Cats Has The Longest Tail?

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The answer to this question depends on which is the longest tail, not on the breed. But if you don’t know what breed of cats has the longest tail, then this article is for you. There are different breeds of cat with long tails but the Maine Coon cat is considered the king of all breeds of cats. It is known for its long, flowing tail which adds much to its beauty and charm.

The tail of the Maine Coon should be at least eight inches long and the widest point should not to be less than six inches wide. It has a large bushy tuft at the end which is usually black in color. The tail should be carried high when the cat walks and should not be held too low.

The origins of this breed are not known but it is said that three American cats were brought to England by Thomas Fuller and some more by John Smith who came from Maine. The first one was given to King Charles II in 1673 but no records exist which show which two were given to him.

This article will give you insight into the cat breeds with long tails, as well as what makes them so special (i.e., their genes).

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10 breed of cats with the longest tails

Lets have a look at what breed of cats has the longest tail. List of 10 breeds of cat with the longest tail.

  1. Maine Coon
    This is a favorite for many because of its long tail and semi-long hair. They are quiet, peaceful and intelligent. They can be pretty, but only when it’s a male. The females are not as attractive and are not as much in demand for breeding. They are also a bit clumsy. They are known to have high blood pressure.
  2. Norwegian Forest Cat
    This breed is said to be found in Norway but it was bred into the Maine Coon in the U.S., so it is not part of their original breed type. The coat color of these cats can be blue with light colored points, fawn with dark points, or black (with agouti). The face and ears are small and the legs are short and sturdy.

The average life span is 12-15 years, although they do live longer than normal cats if they eat a balanced diet, get regular vet care and stay active.

  1. Ragdoll
    This cat is known for its beautiful blue eyes and long white coat. They are wonderful with kids, gentle, laid back and docile when you tame them properly. The only disadvantage is that they are a little difficult to litterbox train as they love to play with their waste. They can also be a little rough with other cats and toys.
  2. Siamese
    What’s better than a cat who loves to cuddle up with you? Yes, in a Siamese you’ll find they like to lean on you and almost lay across your shoulder while they doze off or sleep. You’ll find that the long tail of the Siamese is quite a sight to behold when they are running around the house.

For many this cat is one of the most adorable breeds of cats and has long been known for its gentle nature and affectionate personality. Just watch them run and play! This breed is one of the most unusual and beautiful in the world.

white and black strip colored cat with long tails lying on the bed

They are mostly found in Asia but it is possible to find them anywhere in the world, especially in America where there are many breeders around the country and each group has certain characters that suit its own kind of Siamese cat.

  1. Abyssinian
    A cat who is quiet, playful and loves to spend quality time with you. It should be let out of its cage or pen at least twice a day to go outside and play or romp around the house. It doesn’t demand a lot of attention, but when it wants it, you’ll know as they will ask for it. They don’t particularly like other cats even if they are related by blood.

They don’t like to share the spot on your lap or bed unless they are feeling really tired or need your warmth. The long hair of an Abyssinian doesn’t shed much but needs regular brushing to keep them clean and in good condition.

  1. Cornish Rex
    These cats are fantastic for allergy sufferers because their coats lack the allergen that causes allergies in most other cats, making this cat one of the best breeds for people who suffer from allergies. They love playing with water and you can bathe them whenever you like as they enjoy this activity.

These cats have a slightly elongated body and long legs which make them perfect for running around like little kids or going crazy over a tennis ball or any other ball toy. They are highly active and playful, especially when they have company to play with or have toys to play with them.

  1. Russian Blue
    These cats are not lap cats and need space to run around and play. They are great for people who want a cat that is neither too small nor too big. They are highly intelligent, active and playful. This breed demands a lot of attention from their owner and will try to get it by telling you they need to be let out by meowing or even by tipping over the water bowl or its litter tray.

They love being around people and do not mind cuddling at all as long as there is room for them to move about comfortably. Although they can be quite moody at times, they are lovable, gentle, cooperative and fun loving cats.

We have gotten 5 lists of cats with the longest tail and we will continue as this article is getting more interesting. We move to the next list of remaining 5 breeds of cats under the article of what breed of cats has the longest tail.

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  1. Scottish Fold
    These are the kind of cats that are quiet, loving, gentle and loyal. They love being around people for cuddles and caressing but also love running around and playing with toys or other cats. Unlike most long-haired cats, these can handle warm weather without needing much protection from the sun.

They don’t make a lot of noise when they want to be let out of their cage or pen as they prefer to use their paw or nose to get your attention instead. They will let you know when they need a bath by using their paws to cover their eyes while keeping them open so you can see what they want – a good bath!

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  1. American Curl
    These cats have small ears which curl back to the head. They have a long, soft coat and are usually found in tortoiseshell color. They love people and other pets in the family. They enjoy running around, playing and spending time with you or anyone else in the family.

They can be purrs machines as they are pretty affectionate with their human owners, although they may not be very cuddly or lap cats. Just give them their toys to play with and watch them run around on the floor or their scratching posts!

  1. Burmese
    These cats are popular for their sleek, muscular and large body. They have a long, thick and soft fur. The color of their fur can vary as they come in many colors. Many people love this cat because they are one of the most healthy breeds with a lifespan of up to 15 years, sometimes even more!

They are active and playful, loving to play with toys or just running around. The only downside is that these cats may hate other cats in the family if they are not related by blood. However, these cats will love other pets if they grow up together.

  1. Sphynx
    These cats have a short coat and a low-maintenance coat. It is possible to groom them on a regular basis with some specialized grooming tools so they can be clean, healthy and lovely. They are known as purr machines and love to be held, stroked, petted or rubbed.

They may be leaner than cats with normal coats but that doesn’t mean they are unhealthy or that they wake you up at night or make noise when they want out of their cage. Just give them their toys to play with and you’ll see kittens will play all day long!

  1. British Longhair
    The last breed on the list of what breed of cats has the longest tail is the British Longhair. These cats have a long, thick and luxurious coat which can be long or short. They are friendly and playful cats who love to purr if they are handled gently. They often curl their tails over their backs when they want to be held or cuddled.

They generally don’t get on well with other cats, but it is possible to train them from an early age. These cats are quick learners and can learn different tricks as well as play with toys as well – some even learn to use the toilet!


I’m sure this article has helped us and has given us the knowledge of knowing what breed of cats has the longest tail, from its name and origin, to the kind of cat it is. Owning a cat means you have to take care of them as if they were a baby. If you choose to adopt a cat from an animal shelter, of course you will want to feed it and give it the best lifestyle possible.

If that is your plan, then you should do everything in your power to make sure it stays alive and healthy. Picking the right type of cat can be the key between life and death if the cat is an indoor cat or if he’s allowed outside from time to time.

Having known what breed of cats has the longest tail, it is up to you to make the right decision. Just like other biological things, cats can be categorized as:

  • Breeders: they have a dominant gene that results in a longer tail than other cat breeds. They come from large or small lines of breeding over time.
  • Purebred: they all possess the same gene, known as a “tail modifier” and are an exact copy of their mother and their littermates, etc.
  • Freaks: they do not usually have a tail and they are usually born with the gene that makes their tails grow extremely long.

These things can make or break a cat’s life and you are the only one who can decide what to do regarding your personality, job, and income. In short, your decision will determine the outcome of your cat’s life!

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