Do Cats Kill Snakes? Or Keep Away From Snakes?

black cats staring at a snake
Domestic cat hunting adder snake in garden.

Do cats kill snakes? Or do they keep away from snakes? There are a number of myths about cats that may lead you to believe that cats kill snakes. However, the species rarely actually get along with each other.

In general, cats keep away from snakes but sometimes the snake slithers into the house and ends up on your cat’s prey list. In rare cases, sometimes a snake gets close enough to try to eat your cat and gets bitten or attacked in retaliation!

If you’re worried that a stray snake is around your house or your neighborhood is overrun with them, don’t pick up a reptile as long as it’s not struggling.

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Do Cats Kill Snakes? Or Do They Keep Away From Snakes

Cats are carnivores and their aim is to kill and eat their prey, which mostly consists of small rodents, birds, reptiles and insects. They can be fierce when protecting their territory and food. If your cat tries to chase a snake, it will only bite the snake if it gets caught in its mouth.

The snake will pull away and the cat will just go back to its home. So no, a cat does not kill snakes. The 1,000+ new laws you need to know for 2019

Cat owners want to keep their kittens from killing all the small animals within their house. They allow their cats to roam outside and kill mice, birds and other predators. But some of these predators are poisonous reptiles like the rattlesnake or copperheads.

If a snake is around your home in your bathroom, garage or other places that you wouldn’t normally go into and touch, it is a good idea for you to leave them alone so that the snakes can be left alone and have enough room to move around without being bothered by your cat.

Cat bites’ venom is less dangerous than that of snakes; there are other factors to consider.

In rare cases, rodents, birds, reptiles and insects smell like cats to the snake. This sends ripples of fear through the snake’s body so it runs away quicker than usual.

Although snakes are the natural predators of cats (as well as other carnivores), there has been a number of occasions where snakes have been known to become ‘attracted’ to cats for its ability to eat rodents and birds (birds).

Because of this, it is best that you take steps if you have a stray cat in your area. If it belongs anywhere near your house or neighborhood, inform your local authorities about it.

You should also keep your cat safe, as well as any other pets you may have. It is best to keep cats away from snakes and not to let your cat approach any snakes that are inside of your property. If you catch a snake in your house from outside, immediately grab it by the tail and remove it from the house.

cat and a snake staring at each other

Generally speaking, cats hate snakes, but if a snake manages to get close enough to a cat, it will bite it if the snake tries to eat their prey! However, there are a number of cases and species where the two species get along with each other. For example, there are a number of species of snakes, such as the green snake and the southeastern corn snake, which are quite common in your area.

They will normally come out at night to find food for themselves, but if you’re lucky enough to have one in your house you should also make sure that it is fed regularly. Because these species are quite common, they will have a good chance of getting close enough to a cat to try and eat it.

There’s not much else you can do about this problem and if you catch the snake by its tail or grab hold of it firmly by the back before it can bite you, the snake won’t be able to do anything back. You should always keep your cat safe as well as any other pets you may have, especially if you have a problem with mice or rats.

Although it is possible for snakes to fall in love with cats, the cat will only bite the snake if it tries to eat their prey!

Cats and snakes don’t normally get along, but there are instances where they do. Many snakes are attracted to the scent of a mouse. Because of this, you should be more careful with stray cats in your area. There are many cats that look like mice on the outside and that may attract snakes when they’re in your area!

If you happen to catch a snake around your house or neighborhood, then inform local authorities about it immediately.

Snakes are not the most popular animals around the world. Many myths surround them because of their resemblance to other poisonous animals like scorpions and spiders. Some people even believe that snakes have magical properties.

Whatever your beliefs about these fascinating creatures, it is important to understand their behavior and natural behavior towards humans as well as other creatures such as cats. After all, there is certainly no reason for humans to fear them unless they have behaved aggressively towards us or our pets in the past.

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What Do Snakes Eat? Snakes are carnivores and they have to eat a lot of meat in order to survive. In the wild, they will hunt animals as large as birds and deer as well as small rodents. If they get the chance, they will also eat lizards and other snakes.

What Are Their Dislike and Fear Myths About Cats? Keep in mind that snakes are not a favorite among many predatory animals including cats. There is an expression that says that cats ‘run away from snakes because the reptiles might try to eat them’. Apparently, this expression can be traced back to the fact that cats and snakes are natural enemies.

How can a cat kill a snake?

“How can a cat kill a snake?” is a question that has been asked by many curious individuals throughout time. However, the answer to this interesting question is quite simple considering that cats are one of the most common predators of snakes. There have been numerous instances when snakes have encountered cats, only to be killed or found dead days later.

This may be attributed to the fact that there are several misconceptions about cats and what they are capable of doing in situations where they might encounter mice or birds inside your house. The truth of this statement lies within the fact that cats tend to hunt for small rodents and birds on their own due to their hunting instinct as well as their natural preying behavior towards these animal species in general.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about your cats bothering these animals at night. Although this shouldn’t be an issue for most individuals since cats tend to hunt for small animals at night, there are some exceptions where the cat might harm the birds and rodents that live in your home.


As you can see in the article above of “do cats kill snakes”, cats and snakes have a complex relationship with each other. Although they are natural predators of each other, there have been a number of cases where they get along with each other. However, it is important to understand the different factors that might attract these two species to one another in order to prevent any trouble getting in the way.

The best thing about this relationship is that it does not affect your cat in any way if it involves its diet or its health. You should also keep your cat safe and away from snakes as much as possible because there might be some cases where the snake will try to eat them (in rare circumstances).

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