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possum eating cats food

So can possums eat cat food? The answer is yes, but there are some guidelines for doing so safely. First of all, be aware that cats usually get their protein from meat sources and not from plant sources like grains or fruits and vegetables. It’s important to know that cats are not natural meat-eaters and need more protein than what they would simply get in their diet by eating plants (grains).

Because cat food is made to be more protein-based than plant-based, it’s a good way for a possum to get the protein it needs. The rule of thumb when dealing with any natural or unknown source of food or drink is to make sure it’s safe by checking to see if its fresh and doesn’t spoil.

It is not known how long a cat food that isn’t in its original container will keep, but if you know where the can or bag came from, you may be able to find that out by searching online.

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Can possums eat cat food?

Is it possible for a possum to eat cat food? The answer is yes, but it makes them very ill. Possums are natural omnivores, meaning they can eat meat and plants. A possum that is fed only cat food will sicken from a diet high in plant proteins (grains) and without the nutrients it needs from meat.

If you are tempted to tempt a possum with your cat food, check to see if the can or bag says it is safe. Some manufacturers do not recommend using their cat food as an ingredient in natural diets for animals such as a possum. If you know or find out where the cat food came from, that information may be helpful.

Find out if it was cooked or made fresh and if it has been open for more than a day. Also, check to see if it’s been mixed with cardboard, tin cans, Styrofoam or plastic wrap. If these things are present in the feed, then consider feeding your possum something else first to see if they have any reactions (no vomiting or unusual behavior).

If they are ok with the regular diet, then you can try the cat food. Watch your possum to make sure they aren’t sick or have any reactions from having the cat food. If they don’t get sick or show any strange behavior and eat it, then it’s okay for them to eat as long as there isn’t anything else that may be harmful in it like spoiled food, tin cans or plastics.

Possums are omnivores and can eat pretty much anything. To make sure it is safe for your possum to eat, check the ingredients, cooking directions and expiration date. If you know where it came from, search online to see if there are any reports of it causing problems in previously owned animals.

Try checking with the manufacturer before feeding your possum anything at all made by them or a similar company. That information would be helpful in determining if the cat food or treats were okay or not.

possum eating cat food on the ground

If you can’t find anything online, then go ahead and feed your possum the cat food or treats, but watch them for any strange behavior and check them frequently for any health concerns. If they get sick or seem unhealthy, discontinue feeding them the cat food immediately and mix in some regular food to see if it was just a one-time thing or not.

Possums can eat cat food but should be in moderation. A possum that only eats cat food may get sick or die if they don’t get variety in their diet. Sometimes, starvation is a nicer alternative than eating cat food unless you can find some that is approved for use in their diet.

If you find some cat food that has been open for more than 24 hours, don’t give it to your possums. It may have gone bad and could make them very ill or even kill them! That’s why it’s important to know where the cat food came from and how long it was open before feeding a possum any of it.

If you find any canned food or treats with cardboard or Styrofoam, throw it away immediately. Those things make the possum sick and could cause them to become ill.

If they get sick due to any of the above mentioned reasons, stop feeding your possums their cat food and try something a little more regular like meat-liver-and-beans with a little bit of dog food added to give them extra protein.

Possums are very picky about what they can eat so you should feed them only what is safe for them. Feeding them new things is dangerous because they may accidentally choke on something they don’t know how to chew or swallow. If you are going to feed your possums anything that isn’t their normal diet, try doing it in small amounts (1 tsp.) and just observe how they react.

If you see them eating it with no problem, then try giving them a little bit more next time. If they aren’t interested, then you can go ahead and feed them their regular diet, but try to do it in small amounts so they don’t get too much at one time.

Possums are natural omnivores which means they can eat a variety of different things including meat, plants and fruits and vegetables. If a possum is only given cat food it may sicken from a diet high in plant proteins (grains) and without the nutrients it needs from meat.

Once a possum gets into the habit of eating only cat food, it may not be able to go back to its normal diet because it will become picky about what it eats.

A possum that suffers from a bad diet may die from malnutrition or other health problems. If your possum eats cat food, make sure you keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t start getting sick or showing strange behavior as a result of their new diet.

If they show any signs of illness like excessive vomiting, diarrhea or loss of appetite, stop feeding them it and try feeding them something they would normally eat like insects or meats with fruits and vegetables added in for flavoring.

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What are the health risks of feeding possums excess cat food?

Possums that have been fed too much cat food may show several symptoms due to the diseases and parasites that are found in cat food.

These include: diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss and an upset stomach. If a possum is suffering from any of those symptoms, stop feeding it the cat food immediately and try feeding them a more natural diet like vegetables and fruits.

If your possum is still in good health, but is just curious about another animals’ food such as a dog or cats food, you can try giving them a little amount to see how they react to it. Watch your possum closely for any strange behavior or physical changes from eating it.

If they seem fine and continue to eat it, then you can give them a little more the next time around. Just make sure to watch them closely because they may not know what to do with another animal’s food and could choke or become ill from eating it.

If your possum is suffering from an illness, then you should avoid feeding it anything new or different until the symptoms have cleared up. Once their health improves, feed them regular foods for a couple of days before trying out something new like cat food again.

Make sure the cat food is safe for possums before giving it to them. Keep an eye on your possum or make sure you have someone watching them for problems after you feed them it.

If you find that they are not eating their normal foods as much, then look into adding some more variety to their diet by adding in some new items.


Yes, possums can eat cat food but should be given in small amounts. They can be very curious and may try to eat whatever they can get their paws on. Only feed them cat food if you know it’s safe for them and if you can find out the expiration date on it. If you feed them something new, watch them closely for any weird behavior or changes in their health.

If they seem healthy, but are still eating another animal’s food like cat food, then don’t worry about it too much. Just make sure to take some precautionary measures in case they become ill by feeding them more natural foods like insects and meat with veggies added in for flavoring.

If you suspect that your possum has either choked on or eaten a cat food item, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or emergency vet first. They can help you determine the best course of treatment for any ailments your possum may have picked up from eating the cat food.

It’s important to feed your possums things that are safe for them and within their means of choking. If they are not eating as much as expected when feeding them cat food, then try feeding them some meat-liver-and-beans with a little bit of dog food mixed in for extra protein.

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