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hamsters eating cat food

Can hamsters eat cat food? Yes, and it may surprise you. If a hamster has access to both cat food and regular hamster feed, the cat food will provide a much more varied and nutritious diet than what they would normally get. It is important to note that while they can eat cat food, they should not be fed exclusively on it as it will cause them to develop health issues.

There is also the issue of whether or not you want your pet to be eating something that is made for cats! Some hamsters prefer to eat other things besides their usual fare. If you are like many pet owners and cannot keep your animal away from all of the delicious looking treats in your cabinets (or pantry), then you should consider giving them some cat food.

There are several reasons why you would want to give your pet hamster cat food. In fact, this can be a good way for you to provide them with part of their diet! The one of these reasons is because not all hamsters prefer to eat the things that they are fed. By adding some cat food into their diet, you will help them get the nutrition that they need.

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Can hamsters eat cat food?

Yes, hamsters can eat cat food. It is safe to feed them with cat food, but it isn’t recommended. Hamsters are small animals so they can absorb a good amount of food in each bite. Cats are bigger than hamsters so you don’t want the hamster to get used to the taste of cat food because it has more fat and proteins than most dog and hamster foods. The recommended food for hamsters are hamster pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables.

You should never let your hamster eat cat food for the rest of his/her life. It has more fats and proteins than your pet can handle in a day, so it’s best to keep it to one-time serving at most. If you have a pet hamster who is so hungry that he/she is willing to try anything and would eat all of that cat food, then it’s time to starve them for a few days until they get back to normal.

If you have lots of fat cats, then you may want to consider feeding them some leaner meals instead because this can help the situation too.

Feeding hamsters cat food should be done occasionally and given in moderation. Feeding your hamster with non-foods can be a big mistake if you don’t know what to do. If you don’t feed it properly, it might become a health issue.

cat food on white bowl

So, please don’t feed them with cat food continuously because they will become fat and unhealthy as they are fed with too much cat food. It will also increase the possibility of developing health issues like arthritis or cancer of the lymph nodes. You are always able to feed your hamster with vegetables, but make sure to provide some fruits too.

You should provide a healthy and balanced diet that includes lean protein and a good source of carbohydrates. The recommended ratio is equal parts of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and carbs but you are allowed to give it in any ratio you desire.

If you want your pet to stay fit, healthy and energetic, then using cat food as a supplement is a good idea but not too much of cat food. It will keep them from developing their own diet which will lead to obesity issues like arthritis or cancer.

Always make sure that the cat food you are about to feed your pet hamster is dry and not wet because it has a lot of moisture compared to dried ones which have lesser moisture content in them. Hamsters love water so much but the excess moisture may make their bodies become bloated or even diarrhea because of being overstuffed with foods high in calories or with lots of fat.

How to feed my hamster with cat food

  1. Make sure the cat food you’re about to feed your hamster is dry. This can be a problem if your cat eats wet food, because there may be moisture on the food which may upset your hamster’s stomach.
  2. Refrain from giving your hamster too much cat food, they need a healthy balance between vitamins and nutrients that can only be found in their daily pellets or fruits and veggies. Overfeeding them with cat food will result to weight gain and this makes them more susceptible to sicknesses and diseases since they are exposed to more germs than what they are normally used to consuming on their regular diet.
  3. If your hamster is overstuffed, you may choose to give him a long rest. While he’s resting, you can trim your hamster’s nails on the front feet and its teeth on the back. It will be better for them to take a rest after they are done eating their favorite meals or snacks.
  4. You should not compare different cat food brands with a hamster in mind because they have different tastes depending on the brand and flavor. If your pet seems like it likes cat food, then you can feed it to him as an addition to his daily diet from time to time.
  5. If you find it difficult to monitor your hamster’s daily amount of food intake, then you should consider getting a small habitat for them like an aquarium since they are more manageable in this type of living space.
  6. If you feed your pet hamster with some cat food, then make sure he will not hoard his food from throw-up and bacteria because hoarding can cause deaths if the owner is not careful enough to clean the remains.
  7. It is very important that your hamster eats a healthy diet or he may develop unhealthy eating habits and get used to cat food which may lead him to stomach upsets and digestive problems.

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If your hamster is starving, you can give him/her some cat food. Keep in mind that feeding your hamster with a one-time amount of cat food isn’t really recommended as it has more fats and proteins than they can take in their little bodies. You can do this in times when your pet is absolutely starving, but to keep them healthy it’s best to stick with their regular dog or hamster food.

What are the health risks of feeding hamsters excess cat food?

Feeding your pet hamster too much cat food can cause obesity and diseases due to consuming more calories than they should have. The hamster will also become more susceptible to illness as they are exposed to germs in excess and receive an unhealthy diet which can lead to digestive issues like colitis, diarrhea, being constipated and even cancer of the lymph nodes.

If you have a litter of hamsters that were fed with cat food, then you need to get rid of old food that has been piling up for a few weeks or months. Otherwise the germs will run wild since the hamsters are not able or prepared to eat the proper food that they need.

Some hamsters may get used to cat food as they are being fed with it regularly and this can lead to serious digestive problems. If you have lots of fat cats, then you can feed them some leaner meals instead. This will reduce the chances of having fat hamsters, because it’s a common problem that they face when they are fed with cat food.

In order to keep your hamster healthy, you have to get them used to fresh foods and provide them with a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables. You can also put some cat food in your hamster’s food bowl as a supplement but don’t give in too much or else they will easily become overweight and unhealthy.

Feeding your pet with cat food once in a while is also fine but it should be done only when you really feel like having it because excess consumption of cat food can lead to problems such as obesity. It will also encourage your pet’s appetite since there is more calories than their bodies are able to handle.


Yes, hamsters can eat cat food but not as a regular diet. They need a balanced diet that includes fruits, veggies, lean protein and sometimes some cat food can be included as a supplement if you really feel like it. If you have too many fat hamsters that are eating cat food, then you may want to consider buying some healthy cat food for them instead.

In order to keep your hamster healthy, look for fresh fruits and vegetables in your nearest grocery store. You can also opt for freeze-dried fruits and vegetables which are a bit pricey but very convenient to use. Make sure that you have a balanced diet for your hamster because too much cat food will cause weight gain and make them more susceptible to diseases.

The best way to have your hamster is to create his own diet out of fresh veggies, fruits and lean protein like chicken or turkey meat which you can buy from your local supermarket. Some veterinarians recommend using cat food as a supplement but don’t overfeed them with it because too much cat food will make them obese and unhealthy.

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