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There are a lot to know and discover between the British Shorthair vs the Maine Coon. What are some of the differences between these two breeds? Is one better than the other? We’ll take a look at what separates these two breeds on everything from exercise needs to health concerns.

The British Shorthair is a medium-sized domestic cat, while the Maine Coon is a large wildcat with no tail. Their coat colors are different, but they share similar body types and markings. The British Shorthair’s temperament is more outgoing and friendly than the Maine Coon’s which are more reserved around strangers unless they feel confident in their home territory.

These cats have distinctively different personalities, but both have been domesticated to live in homes with humans and survive on a daily diet of dry food (the ideal for cats).

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British shorthair vs maine coon

This is a great cat for someone who is looking for a calmer, more laid back companion. They can live with other cats if you introduce them slowly and allow them time to adjust. A British Shorthair tends to be more playful, but the Maine Coon can be quite the clown himself! Both breeds tend to do well with children and other pets on their own terms.

The British Shorthair and the Maine Coon cats are hearty eaters and less finicky than some of the other breeds on average. However, they both need plenty of fresh water daily, whether you get yours from your sink or your faucet.

The British Shorthair is supposed to be less active than the Maine Coon, but can still experience some harmless, active energy. This breed is a lap cat and loves to snuggle up next to its human who it will cuddle with. They get along well with other cats, especially if they are introduced slowly. If you want a cat that likes to be near the family all of the time, then a British Shorthair may be your cat! The Maine Coon is more independent and able to stay up late in pursuit of a mouse.

Both breeds have strong bones and muscular muscles that can grow into long, lean frames. They are both described to have soft coats, but the Maine Coon’s coat is shorter and softer than the British Shorthair’s. The British Shorthair usually has a longer coat and is a bit more densely coated. The Maine Coon’s coat is more uniform in length and more densely coated.

Both these cats can live to be 20 years old, but they have slightly different lifespans. The Maine Coon usually lives longer than the British Shorthair, although both breeds have a short life expectancy (for a domestic cat) of 12-15 years on average.

The Maine Coon has been described as being loyal and devoted, while the British Shorthair is outgoing and friendly with strangers. The Maine Coon can be considered allergenic to some people due to their hair length, heavy coat, and oil in their skin of which they cannot help. Some Maine Coons have sensitive skin, but the British Shorthair is described as being less prone to skin problems.

The British Shorthair have short hair, and their oil glands aren’t as strong as some of the other breeds. Their heavy coats are kept in good shape with regular brushing, but the Maine Coon’s coat is naturally more rugged and full than the British Shorthair. The few people who experience allergies from a Maine Coon have found that they don’t react to the more shorthaired British Shorthairs.

The Maine Coon’s personality can be described as more even-tempered and friendly than the British Shorthair. Both of these personality traits can be altered if each cat has a stable and loving environment to grow up in.

The British Shorthair enjoys being around people and other cats. They are known to play with toys, hunt, and get along with small dogs and children. While the Maine Coon is calmer, they can be more mischievous and independent as well!

The Maine Coon’s reputation for being very intelligent is well-deserved. These cats have been known to learn how to open doors or cabinets in pursuit of their favorite treats or pastimes.

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High maintenance – This breed is high maintenance, in particular for their grooming needs. They are not extremely difficult to groom and do not need a lot of attention even when they are shedding. If you love to groom your cat daily, then this may not be the breed for you. If you like your cat looking nice and clean all of the time, then this may be a great choice for your care needs!

Maine Coons are known to be very trainable, but this does not come easily. They are a more independent cat and can take longer than other breeds to learn how to obey commands. If you like a challenge, then this may be a great choice for you!

The British Shorthair tends to be the easier of the two breeds to groom. Their soft and short coat makes them easy to care for.

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10 differences between the british shorthair vs maine coon cats

The British Shorthair vs the Maine Coon are different breeds. There are many differences between their respective origins, physical characteristics and behavior. These includes:

  1. Size:
    The Maine Coon is a bit larger than the British Shorthair. The male Maine Coon weighs on average, from 13 to 18 lb (5.9 to 8.2 kg), with females weighing from 8 to 12 lb (3.6 to 5.4 kg).

The height of adults can vary between 10 and 16 in (25 and 41 cm) and they can reach a length of up to 38 in (97 cm), including the tail, which can reach a length of 14 in (36 cm) and is long, tapering, and heavily furred, almost resembling a raccoon’s tail. While the British shorthair weighs, with males averaging 9–17 lb (4.1–7.7 kg) and females 7–12 lb (3.2–5.4 kg).

  1. Personality:
    The Maine Coon is a very friendly and loyal cat, both to their human families and to other animals. They are sweet-natured and calm, but also energetic, playful and curious. The British Shorthair is more extroverted and outgoing than the Maine Coon.
  2. Coat:
    Maine Coons have a long coat which is water-repellent. It has an oily outercoat which helps it keep warm in all weather conditions, with a dense woolly undercoat for warmth. This coat is fairly easy to groom; combing it regularly will reduce the amount you shed hair around the house. The British Shorthair’s coat is short, with a dense undercoat that is short and soft.

There are some variations in hair length between the two breeds, but the difference is not as pronounced as the Maine Coon’s coat. Unlike the Maine Coon’s coat, which can be groomed easily by hand, the British Shorthair’s coat needs to be groomed with special tools and care must be taken not to damage their coats.

This can include trimming their nails every six weeks, using clippers on their head and tail twice per year and brushing daily.

  1. Lifespan:
    The Maine Coon is a long-lived cat, with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. In comparison, the British Shorthair lives an average of 14 to 20 years.
  2. Tracking:
    The British Shorthair is known to be better at tracking than the Maine Coon, making them great hunters and more reliable working cats. However they can become distracted by other animals while hunting and may not always return with the prey they have tracked.
  3. Climate Tolerance:
    In general, the Maine Coon is considered to be a better breed for colder climates. They are a relatively hardy breed as they come from a cold climate and adapted over time to survive in harsher conditions. However, some British Shorthair cats have also been bred specifically for cold climates.
  4. Energy:
    The Maine Coon is generally a calmer cat than the British Shorthair, but the British Shorthair has historically been used as a hunting cat so it is more energetic and active than other breeds and can make a good hunter.
  5. Affection:
    Maine Coons may not show their affection as much as other cats, but they are still very affectionate and loving cats. They often seek out physical contact with their humans and can be quite cuddly and cuddling. British Shorthairs are more affectionate than Maine Coons, but they don’t always show this affection openly so it can be a bit hard to tell how affectionate these cats are.
  6. Vocalization:
    Maine Coons are more vocal than British Shorthairs, often meowing frequently and loudly. They have a large range of different sounds which they use depending on the situation or scenario that exists at the time.
  7. Ears:
    British Shorthairs have floppy ears, which are often kept folded down. They are not very sensitive and are use to being handled by humans or other cats. They also have a tendency to fold their ears back when they feel threatened or put on the defensive.

In comparison, Maine Coons have erect ears and can hear very well in all directions without any problems. Their hearing is extremely sensitive and they do not like being handled in any way, including petting or grooming their ears.


The Maine Coon and British Shorthair are both wonderful breeds of cat that are very loyal and loving. Both of these cats can make amazing companions, when treated well.

There is a bit more variation in the Maine Coon than the British Shorthair, but both of these cats can make a great addition to any family. The amount of grooming required will depend on the individual cat and their coat length, but with the right tools, it isn’t something that you have to spend too much time or energy on.

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