Black Silver British Shorthair. All You Need To Know….

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Black Silver British Shorthair is a long-haired cat breed from Britain. The name of the breed derives from the coloration and markings, which are black or silver mixed with tabby stripes. British”, and is a trademarked term for this pattern. The eyes of these cats are either blue or green and they have thick, long fur on their body which may extend to the face, legs, tail and ears.

This type of cat has dark grey-blue eyes that are often portrayed as being wise because of their sky-like quality. Their eyes are large and perfectly round. A British cat may look at someone, blink and his or her eyes will seem to change color. This is due to the light reflection off of their multiple layers of coat.

The Black Silver British Shorthair comes in both long and short hair varieties, while the long-haired variety can be born from either parent but only from a breeding of two long-haired cats.

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Black Silver British Shorthair

The Black Silver British Shorthair is a short-haired cat breed that is most commonly found in Britain. This breed comes in various colors, including black and white and also red with black spots. The short-haired cats of this breed are generally calmer than the long-haired variety, although both are known for their intelligence and sociable personalities. The Black Silver British Shorthair cat is loving and friendly to both people and other cats.

Originally from Britain, the history of the Black Silver British Shorthair is rather vague. In the late 19th century, breeders from Britain began breeding long-haired cats with black markings. The result was a long-haired cat with two distinctive patterns, one with dark and one with silver or silver-grey markings. Both patterns were used in breeding programs and both were called “British”. By the time of World War I, this species was common in Britain.

In the middle of the 20th century, breeders continued to breed long-haired Black Silver British Shorthair cats. The focus of this generation of breeders was to create a more cobby, compact cat that was more friendly and easy to own than the previous generations.

The cats were also bred to have darker, solid black coats with minimal markings; those with silver or silver-grey markings still exist in Europe but are not generally available in the USA.

The most recent development in the life span of Black Silver British Shorthair has been a genetic test that is used to determine if both parents are “true” (meaning that each parent’s genetics is 100% similar) purebreds.

The test also determines whether a Black Silver British Shorthair is a “champion or special” (meaning that the champion or special portion of their genetics makes up <50% of their genetics). This test guarantees that each breed cat is a true breed and carries only purebred genetics.

The temperament of the Black Silver British Shorthair cat is sweet and quiet, but charismatic enough to make friends with other cats as well as people. They are friendly and curious, making them adaptable to homes that have other pets. Despite their calm nature, this breed does enjoy being petted and will often search for attention from you until he feels you are ready for him to stop.

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The average lifespan for a Black Silver British Shorthair cat is approximately 16 years; however, this breed is known for living as long as 20 years or more.

This breed was recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2002.

The coat of the Black Silver British Shorthair cat is short and soft, but never coarse. It may be any color including calico, tortoiseshell (light colored tan and white on the cats), ticked (black and white), chinchilla (white with black spots), or a mixture of all of these colors. This cat will have a thick coat on most of its body, which may extend to the face, legs, tail and ears.

The Black Silver British Shorthair comes in long and short hair varieties.

The coat of a long-haired British Shorthair is silky, fine, and very dense. The coat of a short-haired cat is thick and can measure between 7cm (2.7in) to 15cm (5.9in) in length. The tail may be thickly plumed or just slightly fluffy; the variation depends on the mix of genes from each parent.

The fur near the cat’s chin can develop into a goatee with age, especially in males who are intact. Ticked cats are prone to developing ticking or streaks on their legs, chest and hindquarters.

The eyes of a British Shorthair are round and large; they may appear to change color when the cats blink. Their eyes are dark in color, but not completely black. The exception to this is among ticked variety coats where the ticking can be more visible as the white fur contrasts with black on a lighter background.

The eyes of this breed have a calm, steady apparent look that comes from their intelligent expression. Black Silver British Shorthair kittens are born in early spring or early summer, but can sometimes be born earlier or later depending on their unique genetic makeup.

Black Silver British Shorthair characteristics

The Black Silver British Shorthair is one of the smartest cat breeds, due to its intelligence and its ability to learn from its surroundings. The cats are quiet, sweet and loving towards both people and other pets in the household.

They like being around people and enjoy getting attention from them. English Black Silvers are good hunters, but do not kill for sport; they prefer to hunt for their food. They are also known to be very loving and loyal towards their owners.

The Black Silver British Shorthair is quite a healthy cat breed and can live a long life if looked after correctly. They tend to gain weight easily, so regular exercise and controlled diet is necessary. Despite their solid nature, this breed can be prone to certain diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

VCA Animal Hospitals recommends that you feed your pet Black Silvers a high-quality food that is made for long-haired breeds of cats, and it’s important to only feed your pets dry food rather than canned wet food because of the excess water in the canned food which can negatively affect your pet’s heart health over time.

Due to their thick coat, when grooming your cat it is important to comb and brush them regularly. This will help prevent any health issues that could arise from knots, mats and excessive shedding.

You should make sure to take your Black Silvers for regular checkups at the vet; looking for symptoms such as loss of hair around the mouth, dilated pupils and unusual coughing or choking can help you catch an illness that could threaten their life early on.

The English Black Silver British Shorthairs are good cats but they need a lot of attention and a lot of grooming. Full coat grooming is recommended every 20 days while they are in full coat.

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Black Silver British Shorthair cat owners report that their cats often have certain behaviors and quirks that make them unique.

While most cats love to play with toys, Black Silvers will weave around them, often ignoring the toy and doing seemingly random things instead. This is because they are very intelligent cats who love to explore and learn, making it hard for them to focus on one thing for any length of time.

Their behavioral problems

The Black Silver British Shorthair is a calm and quiet cat that is extremely friendly towards people.

However, Black Silver British Shorthairs are often known to be difficult to socialize. This is because the cats are extremely intelligent and sneaky; they also do not play well with other animals or children.

The reason why they are so difficult to socialize with other animals or people is because of their small size and unique nature. Some cats may be too independent for others to handle, while others will constantly try to solve problems by themselves; this can cause stress in most households that house multiple animals or small children who need attention from an adult.

Some Black Silvers may be more adaptable than others and will learn to be tolerant of other animals or children; but this takes a lot of time and patience from the owner.

If you are purchasing a Black Silver British Shorthair kitten, it is important to choose the right pet for your household.


The English British Shorthair is a very intelligent and graceful cat breed that is known for its melodic voice and ability to entertain their owners with games of observation and prey.

While they are relatively new to the world of cat breeds, they are quickly rising in popularity due to their unique blend of personality traits.

It is important when purchasing a Black Silver British Shorthair kitten that you do your research on the individual breeder you are purchasing from; this can help you find a healthy and well-bred cat that will fit into your household specifically.

They very intelligent and friendly cat breed, but also highly active and independent. Because of this, they are not recommended as a pet for families with children or for households with multiple cats or other pets.

It is very important that you do your research before bringing a Black Silver British Shorthair kitten into your household; the cat’s independence and intelligence can lead to difficulties in socializing with people or other animals.

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