Are Cats Evil? Interesting Facts…

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There are many people out there who believe that there is no such thing as a bad cat, and that cats are always good but what do you think? Are cats evil or not? It is a common fact that cats are the number one killer of small animals including birds, rodents, even fish but there is some debate about if cats really know that what they are doing is wrong.

This page will cover such facts as how some people think that our society has been invaded by highfalutin, snooty creatures who have forgotten their true personality due to their long list of feline parenting requirements and some people feel like they are just plain mean.

Some people feel that cats are malicious creatures and that they are only out to do bad things such as spreading disease, just plain meanness, etc.

This is a blog article about whether or not cats are evil and it will provide you with interesting information related to the topic of whether or not cats are evil.

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Are cats evil? What does the bible say about cats?

Cats are not evil; that is a common myth. Some people believe that cats are evil creatures but in the Bible the word cat is mentioned only once, and that is in reference to a black or dark-colored cat which is considered a bad omen by some superstitious people.

In other cultures cats were considered as gods or goddesses and were said to have nine lives. Historically, white cats have been thought to bring good fortune and black cats bad luck.

The Egyptians believed that cats were in charge of presiding over the judgment of the dead, and often sculptures and paintings can be found in tombs which have cats protecting the entrance to make sure that nobody would enter by accident.

There are many people who still believe that cats are evil. These people say that cats are cruel and malicious creatures who cause a lot of pain and suffering to other creatures and sometimes even to their own owners. However, this is a very common misconception.

Cats are generally considered to be good because throughout the ages cats have been associated with the goddess Bastet, The Roman Goddess of protection and cats were used in ancient Egypt as pets, mummies, and even guardians of the dead wrapped up in linen.

Cats are often regarded as mysterious and powerful creatures. For this reason they have been worshiped and feared by many civilizations. Whether a cat is male or female, they are always descendants of the same ancient Egyptian lineage.

The Egyptians also believed that cats were guardians on the journey of death and rebirth and were also believed to be sacred because they represent the goddess Sekhmet, who was a powerful and highly respected deity. This can be seen in the way many cats kneel before their owners as a sign of respect for their master.

The Egyptian goddess Bastet was commonly depicted as a cat standing with her hands held in the position of prayer. She was known to be a fierce protector against evil spirits and was also known to have the power of healing.

cat looking angry with its tongue outside

Nothing has changed with the belief that cats are good throughout the history. Their nature is unpredictable and they are capable of some of the purest forms of love. They have an inborn instinct to do exactly what they have been bred to do, which is protect and defend their territory with a fierce and sharp feline bite.

A cat was also believed to be a symbol of good luck because it was thought that since the cat had nine lives there would always be one cat alive for every ten people on earth.

Cats are not evil but there is some debate about whether or not cats can tell right from wrong. What do you think? Are cats evil or not?

Let’s Read On!

Now let’s take a look at some of the facts below and we will see if cats really are evil or not.

Facts on whether cats are evil or not

Cats have been domesticated for thousands of years; it is estimated that there are more than seventy different species of cat in existence today. However, the term “House Cat” is only used to refer to our domestic cats; other types of cats include jungle cats, spotted cats, and so on.

Cats may not be evil, but what if a cat does something evil? One very common myth about cats is that they are malicious creatures who do not know that what they are doing is wrong. Studies have been carried out in order to prove or disprove that theory and as a result of these studies it has been found that cats have excellent intelligence.

Cats seem to be able to tell the difference between right and wrong, even though it might be very subtle. One example of this is when a human comes into contact with cats. When the cat sees their human it will instinctively show signs of trust and affection from the way it approaches them so they will definitely appreciate this friendship.

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Cats also have very strong survival instincts, which means that they will often try to avoid danger or danger which is unknown. Because of this, cats are not inherently evil but rather act according to their intuition and because of this, some people will consider them to be evil.

It is said that the black cat is considered unlucky in the U.S. because people believe it brings bad luck but in many other countries even black cats are not considered unlucky at all! The superstition about black cats was invented by the Romans around 2,000 years ago (which means its origins are ancient).

In some areas it is believed that the black cat brings good fortune and prosperity. This legend is why black cats are still being sacrificed in some places around the world today.

There are certain superstitions which state that if a black cat walks across your path it means that there will be bad luck, or if someone sees a black cat before they leave on a trip they may decide to cancel their travel plans because they believe that the belief associated with seeing this color of cat means bad luck.

A lot of people in Europe where the legend originated from are afraid of black cats, but there are still some regions in Japan where black cats are considered to be lucky. In Japan, it is believed that a black cat can bring good fortune to your house and provides protection. Most places consider black cats to be lucky and not bad omens.

Some people say that black cats are a symbol of wealth, or good luck, or even love and happiness. Looking at the facts you may decide for yourself if cats are evil or not!

However, it is not just black cats that people believe bring bad luck. For instance, if a cat meows in the house at night it can be said to bring bad luck to all the members of that household who hear it. Some superstitions also state that if you hit a cat you will have seven years of bad luck, or if you step on a cat you will have bad luck for all your life and so on.

People are afraid of cats because they do not understand them, and don’t realize that cats are just as intelligent as humans.

Cats want to be loved and appreciated by their owners, this means that if a cat sees something or someone it does not like it will try to hide from them because it does not feel comfortable being observed. So in a way a cat might be scared of something and not know why; therefore you could say that the cat is evil but at the same time you could also say that the cat is just being cautious!

If you were to own a black cat then some superstitious people will claim that this would bring bad luck but other people will believe that this means good luck.


We have taken a look at the pros and cons of whether or not cats are evil in this article. It is important to remember that all felines are simply misunderstood by people who do not understand their nature, and that they are misinterpreted at all times.

It is agreed by many people that cats are very intelligent creatures who have great survival instincts; this means that they will always act according to their own awareness, most of the time without being aware of our opinions or beliefs.

Therefore, to conclude this article we can say that cats are definitely not evil; however, they are misunderstood by many humans because of the superstitious beliefs of some people.

There is a lot of debate over whether or not black cats bring bad luck to their owners so it’s difficult to say that they are evil or not! So whether you think cats are good or evil, all felines deserve respect and happiness and their actions should never be judged for their ignorance.

cat showing of fierce it is

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